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How Content Creators Can Maximize New Series Feature On Tik Tok

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

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The "SERIES" Feature Will Allow Creators to Increase Their Earnings On TikTok

The popular video app, TikTok has announced a "SERIES" feature that enables content creators to monetize their videos as premium content on Tuesday. With the new feature, creators can create as many as 80 videos each with a 20 minutes watch time, and put it up for viewers to purchase. 

The initial maximum length of a video was 10 minutes but with the series feature, users can now enjoy more long-form content on beauty tutorials, cooking demos, comedy skits, and educational content from their favorite content creators. Creators can also decide the purchase price for the uploaded videos on their profile pages but must adhere to all community guidelines as uploads of adult content won't be allowed.

The Chinese-owned app said the feature is available to only a few selected creators for now but will open up the feature for others to use in the coming months. It also said that creators will have access to 100% of their earnings on the app (platform and processing fee aside) for a while before it begins to negotiate a percentage split. 

A spokesperson for the app has said that the feature is still in its building stage and is focused on nurturing it to growth using creator feedback. 

“From the top collection of must-know spreadsheet shortcuts to the most effective workouts or the latest baked oats recipe, the diverse range of valuable and entertaining content on TikTok has quickly become a part of a billion people’s lives around the world, Today we’re introducing Series, a new way for creators to share their stories, talents, and creativity as premium content while further deepening their connection with the TikTok community,” the company shared in its recent post.

Other Money-Making Features For Content Creators On TikTok

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Although Series is the latest feature the app has introduced to compensate creators, it has always included other features that allow creators to earn. However, creators have complained of low payouts due to the model of some of its initiatives. It is worthwhile to note that Tik Tok has always included the creator's compensation features.


Creators who make "innovative content" can earn money with this initiative that has made a $1 billion commitment to content creators in the last 3 years. 


This initiative allows content creators on the platform to earn money through brand/creator collaboration.


This works as an "invitation-only" feature. Creators who create "original and high-quality" videos spanning more than a minute can earn ad revenues on the app. 

The Chinese-owned app seems to wax more potent in its operation. It is gradually becoming like YouTube despite opposition from more governments who intend to shut down the app to restrict users from their countries. The newly introduced U.S. legislation for example will enable President Biden the authority to ban the app usage in America.


Popular Content Creators On Tik Tok You Can Look Forward To

Now that Tik Tok has launched its "Series" feature, here is a list of top content creators you might expect long-form content from.

B. Dylan Hollis

If you are a fan of cooking demos and content about the kitchen world, B. Dylan Hollis is a creator you should look forward to on Tik Tok if you haven't. Now that the series feature enables a longer watch time, it is no doubt subscribers will enjoy more long-form cooking videos from him.

His recent video shows a demo of him baking a century-old dessert water pie. If this sounds intriguing and like your cup of tea, search for him now.

 Khabane Lame

If you enjoy a good comedy watch, Khabane is an ideal creator you should look forward to. The Senegalese creator started to monetize the app in 2020 after he lost his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has since made a huge success on Tik Tok. 

He is known for his unique style of using facial expressions to demonstrate how people complicate simple tasks and this has earned him a huge following of 134 million and over 2 billion likes on one of his content.

Alyssa Lauren

Alyssa is popular for videos of her and Trey participating in games, making, and other challenges on YouTube. She's also on Tik Tok but not with as much following as YouTube. Now that Tik Tok has included its "series" feature, we look forward to an interesting couple of challenge videos from her.

Charli D’Amelio

Charli D'Amelio creates dance content on Tik Tok and has managed to become of the biggest stars on the app with the most followers.

Asides from that, she's known for her TV show, ‘The D'Amelio’ show where she's the main character. At age 17, she's won multiple awards like the creator of the year and has managed to buy herself a new home.

With the new "series" feature, it is no doubt subscribers can watch more of her shows and dance content on Tik Tok.

Patrick Barnes

Patrick Barnes is popular on Tik Tok for his dog videos with his white poodle video, Quincy which he makes every summer break in college.

His dog seems to be the star of his content but the two make a fantastic duo with millions of subscribers anticipating every episode of his life with Quincy.

Patrick Banes would no doubt be able to maximize the new feature well.