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How Dirty Can Makeup Sponges Get? Viral Reveal Will Disgust You

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
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Makeup brushes are produced in different forms and styles according to the preferences of all individuals, such as swabs, sponges, etc. However, the most important question here is…How often do you clean your makeup kit and brushes?


Recent research has uncovered a startling fact: even if you believe your brushes are kept clean, the amount of bacteria that accumulates on unwashed brushes exceeds that found on toilet bowls.


Many people who use makeup often leave their kit open for too long, especially when they're in a rush and forget to close it. It's easy to forget about keeping your brushes clean when you're running late for an appointment and just trying to get ready quickly.


Whether you keep them for a few weeks or a few months, the infectious bacteria might be unknown to you by stalking the kits and brushes, which can cause negative reactions on your sensitive skin.


A cosmetic tools brand called Spectrum Collection carried out the research. The research team tested clean and unclean makeup brushes at the end of the research, which lasted for two weeks.


According to research, it is common for people to store their makeup kits in warm places like the bedroom, a special makeup bag, or a bathroom drawer. However, this practice can lead to an increase in bacteria on makeup tools and brushes.


Carly Musleh, the Cosmetic scientist who was in charge of Spectrum Collections research, said that makeup brushes tend to transfer harmful bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil from individual face to product. However, it was disclosed that not all species of bacteria are very harmful, and regularly using dirty brushes on your fan can trigger acne or worse skin problems.


In a viral video that was shared by MyGlamTech, there was a tight follow-up of the main bacteria that could be hiding in sponges and makeup kits as well as bushes, and several users have been reaching out for their makeup tools for immediate cleansing.


The video emphasized that beauty tools can harbor a lot of bacteria and act as amplifiers for them. They also mentioned that brushes and beauty blenders can be even dirtier than toilet bowls. Dead skin cells can stick to the fibers of the brushes, creating an environment that promotes the growth of harmful bacteria.


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What Is The Best Way To Clean Makeup Kits And Brushes?

Taking proper care of all beauty tools is the most important aspect of any beauty routine, and this has raised several questions on what is the best way to clean a makeup kit, brushes, and sponges.


Despite the effectiveness of your best concealer or powder, bacterial infections can still thrive in your makeup kit.


To prevent this, makeup artist Troy Surratt recommends adopting a weekly washing strategy. His principle is based on techniques used in the calligraphy brush industry in Japan.