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Everything to Know about Rizzing and Identifying Your Rizz Level

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
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A new term has emerged within social media, where charm and attraction intermingle—Rizz.

It covers the art of captivating others through words, a dance of conversation that transcends mere charisma.

To break it down, to "rizz" someone is to skillfully persuade them to engage in a conversation or a flirtatious exchange. 

It's the ability to leave a lasting impression, elicit a response, and charm your way into someone's consciousness. 

Unlike charisma, which can be a passive allure, rizz is intentional—a deliberate game of attraction where words become the player's tools.

Expanding on the Unspoken Rizz Level

Rizz is an unspoken level that goes beyond the conventional understanding of attraction.

One such level is the Unspoken Rizz—an enigmatic category that challenges conventional norms.

This unique rizz level is often associated with individuals who effortlessly attract others without actively participating in the conventional "pickup game."

Gigachads or Stacys, who seemingly put no effort into flirting yet still manage to leave an indelible mark on the social canvas, fall into this category.

To understand the Unspoken Rizz concept comprehensively, it is crucial to explore its controversial nature.

The idea that certain individuals possess an innate ability to attract others without resorting to traditional flirtation techniques has stirred up heated debates within the rizz community.


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This notion challenges conventional wisdom about the dynamics of charm and raises intriguing questions about whether some people are naturally gifted with an intangible allure that transcends the need for deliberate seduction.

Thus, the Unspoken Rizz adds a fascinating layer to the already complex world of rizz assessments, inviting further inquiry and exploration.

The Origins of the Rizz Craze: A TikTok Revolution

The term "rizz" didn't emerge from traditional social circles or dating experts but rather found its roots in TikTok.

The catalyst for the widespread adoption of the term was none other than Kai Cenat, a Twitch streamer whose linguistic creation took social media by storm. 

TikTok, being a breeding ground for trends and cultural phenomena, saw an influx of content related to the so-called "rizz game."

In 2023, Oxford declared 'rizz' as the word of the year.

Users began sharing strategies, anecdotes, and even quizzes to determine one's Rizz Type.

Kai Cenat, the originator of the term, has been vocal about his original intent behind "rizz."

According to him, rizz was meant to signify the ability to flirt effortlessly, irrespective of any potential disadvantages.

However, the interpretation on TikTok has evolved, giving rise to subcategories like Unspoken Rizz—a phenomenon Kai himself does not entirely endorse.

The definition divergence emphasizes the fluid nature of linguistic trends and how they can take on a life of their own once released into the digital ether.

The Rizz Type Quiz

In the pursuit of understanding one's prowess in the dance of attraction, the Rizz Type Quiz emerges as a beacon. 

Comprising fifteen carefully crafted flirtatious questions, this quiz is designed to unveil the essence of your rizz—whether it aligns with the Winning (W), Losing (L), or Unspoken (V) variety.

Take the Rizz test here...

The Scope of Winning and Losing Rizz

At the heart of the Rizz Type Quiz lie two fundamental categories: Winning Rizz (W) and Losing Rizz (L).

The former embodies individuals with a smooth, almost strategic approach to flirting.

Picture Michael Jordan effortlessly maneuvering a basketball—those with W Rizz handle pickup lines and flirtatious banter with a similar finesse. It's the art of the game, the ability to score points in the realm of attraction.


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On the flip side, there's Losing Rizz (L)—a designation for those who might find themselves simp-ing in pursuing romantic conquests.

L Rizz suggests a more challenging journey in the game of attraction, where success may be elusive, and the path may involve more fumbles than victories.

it's a stark contrast to the Winning Rizz, highlighting the diverse approaches individuals employ to pursue connection.

Unveiling the Controversial Rizz Types

Beyond the dichotomy of Winning and Losing Rizz, the Rizz Type Quiz ventures into the realm of controversial categorizations.

Unspoken Rizz (V), as previously touched upon, challenges the conventional narrative by suggesting that some individuals effortlessly attract attention without actively participating in the traditional flirtation ritual.

It introduces an element of mystery and intrigue, questioning whether certain individuals are inherently bestowed with an unspoken allure.

Adding another layer of complexity is the Traumatizing Rizz—a classification reserved for those who take unconventional and, at times, inappropriate routes to impress others.

This controversial rizz type raises ethical questions about the boundaries of attraction and the potential consequences of unconventional seduction strategies.

Including Traumatizing Rizz in the quiz prompts contemplation on the diverse approaches individuals may adopt in the pursuit of connection, with some potentially causing discomfort or distress.

Unveiling Your Rizz Type

As the Rizz Type Quiz takes center stage, it's time to delve into the series of questions that promise to reveal your unique place within the spectrum of rizz. The following controversial questions have been carefully crafted to expose your rizz with brutal honesty.


Analyzing Your Flirt History: A Mirror to Your Rizz

One of the key indicators of your rizz lies in your flirt history.

Have you successfully navigated the complex web of attraction, leaving a trail of admirers despite not fitting conventional standards of attractiveness?

If so, you might just have the elusive rizz. This aspect of the quiz explores the practical manifestations of your flirtatious endeavors, providing insight into your ability to connect with others on a deeper, more compelling level.

The Smooth Operator: W Rizz Unveiled

For those aspiring to the pinnacle of the rizz hierarchy—the Winning Rizz (W)—the quiz delves into your comfort with words and mastery of the flirtation game.

Are you the Michael Jordan of pickup lines, effortlessly maneuvering through conversations with finesse?

This segment explores the characteristics that define the Smooth Operator, shedding light on the strategic use of words and charm to achieve success in the intricate dance of attraction.

Challenges of L Rizz: The Simp Journey

Conversely, the quiz doesn't shy away from addressing the challenges of Losing Rizz (L).

Simping, the term for overly submissive or fawning behavior, is explored within the context of romantic pursuits.

If you like a bit of a challenge when it comes to flirting, where the victories are hard-earned and the setbacks are common, then you might want to check out L Rizz.

The L rizz category gives you a peek into the complexities of navigating the dating world and the resilience you need to keep going in the face of romantic challenges.