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Binge-watching Without Regrets: 6 Quick Ways to Pick New Favorite Movies

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
A woman sits on a couch while binge-watching a movie.
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Selecting a movie to watch with your family and friends can be challenging because you don't want to pick a film they don't enjoy. Depending on how you go about it, it can be tedious or exciting.

Although discovering the right movie depends on each person's preference and personality, it is crucial to know where to begin since several options are available.

It'd be really cool to be aware of the purpose of movie night, whether you are watching for recreation, entertainment, learning, or relaxation.

We have curated a list of valuable tips to help you select a good movie without fretting over a wrong choice.

1. Put The Audience Into Consideration 

The first thing to do when selecting a movie to watch is to consider the audience who are watching the film and ensure that everyone can relate to the kind of movie you chose.

If you are watching with children, you should avoid movies beyond their age range, but if you are watching with your friends, an adventure movie would be the best.

However,  if you are watching with your spouse, select a movie you both will enjoy together based on your preferences.

2. Select According To The Mood 

If you are stressed, a comedy movie would be a great choice as it is open and straightforward and doesn't demand any mental processing, while watching tense or detective movies might make you more stressed.

A person watching Netflix on a tablet, television in background
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A study reveals that laughing when watching a movie causes blood vessels to dilate, automatically reducing the effect of stress hormones.

3. Select The Movie Per Actors 

Picking a top movie featuring an actor loved and accepted by the audience makes the selection process and watching enjoyable because everyone agrees.

You can also select based on the producer or director of a movie. Some people like movies directed or produced by a particular director and enjoy watching them. This can also make the process of picking movies less stressful. 

4. Pay Attention To Movies Review 

Reading movie reviews can give helpful hints about the movie, including information about the plot and movie quality.

Selecting a movie on Netflix
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Several sites provide movie review information and make excellent recommendations. You should also check the critics, as some might be biased or give you results that are not desired.

5. Consider The Movie Themes

Considering the movie themes can significantly help when picking a movie to watch.

A movie's themes can include friendship, love, history, self-esteem, or Justice. Even some nice 90s movies can be incredible to binge-watch, too!

Knowing the theme you enjoy watching and selecting a movie with the theme you like is advised. Streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime, Disney+, or Reelgood can provide films based on various themes.

6. Give Your Selections a Chance 

Finally, after you choose a movie to watch, be patient and give the movie your undivided attention. You might want to get hooked on the first scene but wait for a minimum of 30 or 40 minutes.

Most great movies take almost an hour before the narrative bombshell is unveiled, so give the movie some time and see how the narrative unfolds.

You can also seek advice from friends or acquaintances who consider themselves movie experts and ask for movie recommendations or cinemas to check out. This will also help a great deal when picking a movie to watch.