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“I Earned Extra $500 A Month, Thanks to Neighbor”

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By Funnyvot Auditorial - - 5 Mins Read

Learn How To Turn Your Empty Space into A Steady Source of Income

Here is your chance to convert your empty room or parking space into a reliable stream of revenue. Partner with Neighbor and be part of a growing community of hosts who are connected with hundreds of renters in the same town or nearby cities.

Neighbor is a legitimate and one of the most trusted platforms when it comes to storage sharing. You can think of it as Airbnb but caters to renters who are looking for places where they can store their valuables temporarily or long-term. 

Did you know that self-storage units have been one of the fastest-growing categories of commercial real estate for the last 40 years and it is here to stay. If you have an empty room or a parking space to offer, it will be snatched up hours after posting. 

What Types of Storage Space Can You Get Paid to Rent Out?

Just to give you an idea of how diverse storage rental is, here are the most common types of storage spaces people are listing on Neighbor:

Here are some sample rates for various spaces:

Garages $150-$500 per month

Driveways $150-$300 per month

Closets $20-$50 per month

Sheds $75-$200 per month

Bedrooms $250-$500 per month

Pricing and Listing Your Neighbor Storage Space

Take advantage of listing your empty room or parking space on Neighbor now and your property will become visible to hundreds of potential renters. If you are renting out empty space, the average monthly rent starts at $50 based on the Neighbor’s Smart pricing model. That’s a whopping $600 extra income by just listing your space! 

Within 24 hours, you can expect your space to be approved on the site. But wait, to attract more renters you need to update your profile and upload pictures to showcase your space. 

Since renters can’t see the space in person, the more pictures you can add, the better. Neighbor recommends adding at least 4 pictures from different angles to promote your space. 

Safety and Security

Once your account has been set up and your rental space listed on the platform, rest assured that you are still in control of every transaction. 

Neighbor is part of the gig economy and recognizes that building relationships based on mutual trust and respect is essential to a successful partnership.

Neighbor is equipped with multiple safety and security features to protect both renters and hosts. First, both renters and hosts need to complete a basic identity verification before they’re allowed to interact on the platform.

When a reservation request comes through, hosts can view the prospective renter’s profile and make a decision based on the list of items they’re requesting storage for.

Looking for additional income?

On top of your income from your listing, Neighbor will also pay you $50 if you refer a friend who also lists their storage space on the platform.

The space-sharing app is aggressively trying to increase its stock of available storage, and incentivizing hosts who are actively building Neighbor’s network of trust with hosts and renters. 


Check out Neighbor.com today and discover how we can help you transform that empty space. Be part of this income-generating gig and be connected to a growing network of hosts and renters.