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Israel War: Celebrities, Sports Clubs, and Politicians Drum Support for Israel

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Gal Gadot, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Natalie Portman
Gal Gadot/Barrack Obama/Joe Biden/Natalie Portman | Shutterstock/IMDb

The ongoing war between Israel and Palestine has been trailed by controversies on social media and has garnered so much buzz and growing concerns.


The attack happened on Saturday morning, which was coincidentally the day of the high Jewish holiday of the Simchat Torah, a festive day that is set aside to mark the annual completion of reading the section of the Bible. The celebration is always accompanied by joyous dancing and singing.


The attack is recorded to be the deadliest incident in five decades; not many Jewish citizens have been murdered in one day after the Holocaust incident. The attack was also carried out at a music festival, and according to the rescuers in Israel, a total of 260 dead bodies were found at the event. So far, nine American citizens are reported dead amidst the increasing death toll in the country.


Hollywood celebrities, sports clubs, and even politicians have been showing their unwavering support for Israel after Hamas pulled the unexpected attack from Gaza, sending hundreds of people to their early graves, including young children.


Hollywood celebrities who have been vocal about their support of the Israel-Gaza war include Madonna, Gal Gadot,  Debra Messing, Andy Cohen, Natalie Portman, Kris Jenner, Jamie Lee Curtis, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, and Meghan McCain. The celebrities have taken to social media handles to show their unwavering support for Israel.


Madonna had shared video footage of the launched rockets and massacred dead bodies lying lifeless on the streets of Israel. She posted the video with a lengthy caption stating how heartbreaking it is to watch families and, most especially, innocent children being murdered mercilessly on the streets.



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She continued, "my heart goes out to families and homes that have been destroyed in Israel, to the innocent victims who have been murdered and children who are lost. I'm praying for those who have suffered and will still suffer from the ongoing conflict."


Gal Gadot has been posting nonstop about the Israel and Palestine war. The "Wonder Woman" movie star is Israel.


"The world cannot sit on fences while these terrific horrors are happening. I take my stand with Israel, and you should, too," she said.


U2 had changed music lyrics during a performance in Las Vegas on Sunday evening in honor of the murdered bodies in Israel. The band shared a post; a song about nonviolence might be ridiculous, but you know where our hearts and anger are pointed, so sing with us.


Although Bruno Mars has yet to make any official statement about the Hamas attack in Israel, his show planned for Saturday evening in Israel was canceled after he had performed a show earlier during the week.


Natalie Portman, who is also Jewish, shared a post on his social handle talking about how his heart is shattered for the people of Israel, for the elderly, the women, and children who have been killed and abducted from their homes.


He continued, "I am in terrific horror about this act, and my heart is pounding with so much love and prayers for all the affected families."


The NBA and MLB have also shown their strongest support for Israel, posting several statements from the league's account to shun terrorism and mourn the victims of Israel.


President  Joe Biden said in a statement, showing his dissatisfaction and condemning the terrorist attack, He showed his support for Israel’s right to defend itself.


“The United States deplores the appalling assault against Israel by the Hamas terrorists from Gaza, and I have made it clear to Netanyahu the Prime Minister that we are on standby and ready to offer all our support to the Government and people of Israel. Terrorism can never be justified.”


“My Administrative support for Israel’s safety is unwavering and solid as a rock.