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John Wick 4 Opening Weekend Crushes Franchise Records, Hits $138M

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read

This weekend, the debut of John Wick 4 from Lionsgate/Thunder Road Films/87 Eleven had global audiences in a frenzy over Baba Yaga. The movie grossed $137.5M, with $64M estimated from 71 international box office markets. All of these markets had a No. 1 start and, when combined, were 73% higher than the launch of John Wick 3 – Parabellum in 2019.

The fourth installment in the series has made an impressive debut with its widest international day-and-date release, unlike its predecessors that had staggered overseas rollouts. The movie starring Keanu Reeves as the hitman has garnered positive reviews, making it a great relief for theaters.

During this session, the UK generated the highest revenue of $6.7M, surpassing JW3 by 56%. Germany, known for its loyalty towards the John Wick movies, earned an estimated $5.5M, which was 64% higher than JW3.

John Wick on the premier day of JW3
John Wick (Shutterstock)

In Australia, JW4 had an impressive opening weekend, estimated at $4.68M, making it the second highest-grossing opening weekend of the year. 

This is a significant increase of 54% from JW3. Furthermore, JW4's opening weekend earnings have surpassed the lifetime grosses of both JW and JW2 in the Australian market.

Including Russia, the global numbers reached an industry estimate of $4.3M. Despite major studios halting movie releases in the country following the invasion of Ukraine in early 2022, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group Chair, Joe Drake, stated that the company had "prior contracts" and "obligations to meet." Drake also mentioned that they consulted with talent and took the necessary steps to deliver the movie comfortably.

In Mexico, the estimated gross was $4.2M, a 93% increase from JW3. Brazil followed with an estimated gross of $2.9M, a 125% increase from JW3. The Latin America region dominated over 50% of the box office with an estimated gross of $12.2M, a 99% increase from JW3.

JW4 had an impressive opening in India, bringing in $3.46M, which was a massive 631% increase from the opening of JW3. Meanwhile, in France, where retirement-age reforms have caused widespread protests and social unrest, the film opened with an estimated $2.69M (360K admissions), 35% higher than JW3. In Taiwan, JW4 accounted for 70% of the local box office, grossing an estimated $2.4M, which was a 17% increase from JW3's opening. 

The film also performed well in the Philippines, grossing an estimated $2M, 26% higher than JW3, and in Italy, where it opened with an estimated $1.9M, a 17% increase from JW3. Additionally, the Chad Stahelski-directed movie made $12.7M in IMAX worldwide, with $4.3M coming from 282 overseas screens, marking Lionsgate's second-best start ever in the format.

April will see the opening of Korea and the Middle East, followed by Japan in September.

In its second week of release, Shazam! Fury of the Gods from New Line/DC/Warner Bros earned $12.1M in 77 markets, bringing its total overseas earnings to $56.1M and global earnings to $102.4M. France will release the film this week. The movie's top five markets are Mexico ($7.7M), China ($5.8M), the UK ($5M), Brazil ($2.5M), and Australia ($2.4M).

Scream VI from Paramount earned $5.9M in 53 markets, a 47% decrease from the previous week. The film's overseas earnings are now at $49.4M, with worldwide earnings at $139.3M.

After earning an additional $5.4M this week, WB's Creed III has surpassed $100M internationally and now stands at $105M. The movie's global earnings have reached $245.8M, with a late May release in Japan still pending.

Meanwhile, Suzume, a Japanese animated film, had a successful debut in China, raking in $49.7M. It also topped the box office in Korea, earning $24M after three weeks.