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Jojo Siwa's Hair With Switch from Blonde to Brunette is Your Moral Boost for a Hair Switch

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Jojo Siwa new look
Jojo Siwa/Tiktok |

JoJo Siwa, the former Dance Moms star turned pop culture sensation, has always been known for her vibrant and energetic persona, and her hairstyles have been no exception. Over the years, JoJo has become a trendsetter when it comes to her hair, constantly experimenting with different colors, cuts, and styles. Her latest makeover, featuring a two-toned blonde and brunette hairstyle, showcases her willingness to embrace change and try something new.


JoJo Siwa's hair transformation journey has been a significant aspect of her brand and self-expression. Her signature golden locks, often worn in a high and voluminous ponytail, became synonymous with her image. However, as JoJo has grown and evolved as an artist, she has desired to switch things up and explore different looks. This willingness to experiment and take risks with her appearance is a testament to her creative spirit and desire to evolve continually.


In recent years, JoJo Siwa has undergone various striking transformations. Last October, she shocked her fans with a vibrant pink hair makeover at the 2022 Industry Dance Awards, demonstrating her affinity for bold and eye-catching colors. The pink hair was a departure from her usual blonde shade but perfectly aligned with her vibrant personality. It was a statement of confidence and individuality, showing that JoJo is unafraid to stand out from the crowd.


In August, JoJo took her fans by surprise again with a throwback to the '80s. She rocked a fierce mullet hairstyle, complete with highly teased side-swept bangs. This retro-inspired look was a nod to the past while still exuding JoJo's unique flair. It showcased her ability to take inspiration from different eras and make it her own.


Throughout her hair journey, JoJo Siwa has been open about her challenges. She has shared her experiences of dealing with a bald spot, which she attributes to the physical and mental toll of being on Dance Moms. JoJo has shown her vulnerability and courage in doing so, inspiring many who may be going through similar struggles. Her honesty and willingness to share personal moments with her fans foster a sense of connection and relatability.


Jojo Siwa has always rocked that blond look, complete with a ponytail



JoJo's ability to reinvent herself and constantly push the boundaries of her style has played a significant role in her success and popularity. Her ever-changing hairstyles reflect her creativity and serve as a form of self-expression and empowerment. JoJo Siwa has become an icon for individuality, encouraging her fans to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate their true selves.


JoJo Siwa's latest makeover, featuring a two-toned blonde and brunette hairstyle, is another chapter in her ongoing hair journey. Her willingness to experiment with different colors, cuts, and styles showcases her creativity and fearlessness in expressing herself. JoJo's hairstyles have become integral to her brand, inspiring her fans to embrace their individuality and be confident in their choices. Whether through her signature high ponytail, vibrant pink locks, or retro-inspired mullet, JoJo Siwa continues to make a statement with her ever-evolving hair.

Jowo Siwa reveals her new brunette look in a Tiktok video shared on her Instagram