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Justin Bieber Warns Fans Not to Purchase Clothing Line With His Face on it, Blasts H&M for Bearing His Likeness Without Approval

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
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Justin Bieber on stage (Justin Bieber - Instagram)

Justin Bieber called H&M's goods featuring his image "trash" because they failed to seek his approval before making a merch of him.

On Monday, Justin Bieber went after Swedish apparel shop H&M, saying it was selling "crap" products using his name and picture without his official consent - a charge the firm refuted.

"I didn't authorize any of the merch collection that H&M put up.. everything without my permission and approval," the singer stated in an Instagram story, according to People. "[Shaking my head] If I were you, I wouldn't purchase it."

The 28-year-old Peache’s singer, who recently celebrated his wife, model Hailey Bieber's, 26th birthday, added, "The H&M stuff they produced of me is crap."

While he did not clarify what he was referring to, the fast-fashion retailer sells sweater dresses and canvas bags with pictures of Bieber's visage. H&M has vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

According to Forbes, the shop followed the proper approval process with all other licensed items and collaborations.

H&M did not immediately reply to a request for comment from HuffPost.

Bieber's Instagram story dubbed the H&M products featuring his image "trash" and advised fans not to buy them.

A spokesperson for Bieber did not immediately reply to a request for comment from HuffPost.

The singer from Canada has his own clothing brand. Drew House, a self-described community where you can be yourself and be loved, supported, protected, and appreciated, was launched in 2019 using his middle name.

Drew House has also exploited a renowned likeness in its goods, although the sentiments of both parties appear to have been positive. People labeled Bieber's collection as a "collaboration" in which he used photographs of Drew Barrymore. He was even captured by paparazzi wearing a T-shirt picturing the actor as a toddler cuddling E.T., the alien from the 1982 film she featured in.

Barrymore was glad to advertise the item on her Instagram page, where she posted a heart emoji alongside a photo of Bieber wearing the shirt.


H&M responded to CNN, "As with all licensed items and collaborations, H&M followed correct clearance processes.”

Tuesday's scan of the H&M website turned up ‘no matching goods’ for any Justin Bieber-related apparel or accessories.

The fashion sector is not new to Justin Bieber. The musician debuted his clothing brand in 2019 under the moniker Drew, a play on his middle name. The streetwear company is well-known for its smiley-face logo and vibrant colors that appeal to Gen Z consumers.

For his "Justin Forever" clothing collection, which was connected to his "Purpose" concert tour, Bieber also collaborated with Forever 21 in 2016.

With his clothing line Drew House, Adidas, and the Toronto Maple Leafs, Justin Bieber created an alternate jersey for the team in March.

The jersey featured the Leafs' crest on one side and the Drew House pattern with the Maple Leafs' emblem on the other. It was the first reversible professional sports jersey in North America. It was made of a black-and-blue color scheme.