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Kirsten Dunst's Son Has No Clue His Mom is MJ

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Kirsten Dunst poses for a photograph
Kirsten Dunst | Everett/Shutterstock
  • Kirsten Dunst, the legendary Mary Jane character in the Spider-Man movie, reveals that her son has no clue that she is MJ. 
  • Kirsten made the reveal on Instagram, where she posted her son in a funny Spiderman costume.


Recently, Kirsten Dunst shared a rare picture of her younger son on Instagram, sharing that the two-year-old boy is a big fan of Spider-Man, but little did he know that his mother was the Mary Jane character in the movie.


Kirsten is married to Jesse Plemos, and they have two sons together. Ennis in May 2018 and James in July 2022. The couple has enjoyed seeing their babies bond together since they tied the marital knot in 2022, and Kirsten enjoys sharing every exciting moment with her sons on social media. She says it's so awesome to watch their sons bond. It's so cheesy.


In the picture that Kirsten recently shared on Instagram, her two-year-old son was seen holding a red umbrella with the Spiderman eyes design. The baby boy also wore a red shirt matching the vibe and design on the Spiderman print umbrella.


She wrote in the caption, "He has no clue his mother was MJ.


Kirsten starred as Mary Jane (MJ), who was Spiderman's love attraction in the movie's original series. Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire starred together in the movie, and Tobey played the lead role in "Spiderman".


The popular trilogy became a hit, featuring renowned actors such as Willem Defoe, James Franco, and Rosemary Harris. In 2022, the Spider-Man film earned an impressive $825 million at the box office and made history by being the first movie to surpass $100 million in a single weekend.


Fans and friends who responded to Kirsten Dunst's post took the time to reminisce about how great she played the role back then.


A follower with the username, Elle Fanning commented, "SO GOOD."


Another fan asked other commenters if they had had a crush on the beloved Kirsten Dunst while growing up. A comment that triggered several replies about how lovable the actress was in Spider-Man.


There were over 40 responses to the comment, as several people recalled how much they fell in love with Kirsten through the character. One user responded, "yes, she's still my celebrity crush."


Another response from a follower who admired the actress reads, "There's no difference, she is one of those girls you like even before you know you like girls." While Another die-hard fan replied, "And the best MJ ever," adding a love emoji.


Kirsten Dunst has starred in some of the best movies of all time, including Vampire in 1994, Jumanji in 1995, Small Soldiers in 1998, and The Virgin Suicides in 1999.


From 2002-2007, her portrayal of Mary Jane in the Spiderman trilogy gained widespread recognition. As the movies were rated at least PG-13, it's more likely that children would watch child-friendly Spiderman movies, which may explain why they may not be aware of their mother's role in the film.