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Lady Who's Job Involves Talking to Ghosts Shares Her Scariest Encounters

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Amanda Pulson takes a selfie in front of a eerie structure
Amanda Pulson | Instagram

Amanda, a Washington native, transitioned from fear to fascination with the paranormal after her eerie encounter in a haunted Montana duplex at age seven.


Terrified by moving dolls and nightmares, her intrigue deepened by 18, propelling her into ghost hunting. This initial fear-turned-fascination marked the beginning of her career as a paranormal researcher in 2008, spurring an enduring interest in the supernatural that continues to grow.


"I lived in a haunted duplex in the state of Montana. My dolls would move on their own at night, and I would have nightmares about our basement being haunted", Amanda told the Daily Star.


Amanda Paulson's fascinating career as a ghost hunter revolves around exploring the paranormal and interacting with spirits.


Her journey began with a childhood haunted duplex experience, which ignited a blend of fear and fascination for the supernatural. As she matured, Amanda's fear evolved into a keen interest, eventually leading her to join a local ghost-hunting team through Facebook.


"I found a local ghost-hunting team on Facebook. I had read books and watched TV shows about ghost hunting and knew that being part of a team that traveled to different locations would be a great opportunity for me to gain a better perspective on the paranormal," she said.


Amanda Pulson poses for a photo in a spooky hallway lit with red bulbs
Amanda Paulson interacts with ghosts at spooky locations | Instagram


Being equipped with a vast array of ghost-hunting equipment, Amanda explored haunted locations, seeking a deeper understanding of the unknown. The transition from fear to fascination culminated in her career choice, engaging in the quest for paranormal experiences.

The Ghost Suitor

Her tales of ghostly encounters range from eerie to astonishing. Her most astonishing and notable experience involved a ghost expressing a desire to marry her during an Ouija board session.


"When we started using the board, the answers came through immediately, saying that the ghost of an 1800s man wanted to marry me!"


This peculiar incident that was conducted by candlelight in an electronics-free environment finalized on the fly, impossible to explain, igniting the candle flame and adding a chilling dimension to the encounter.


Amanda's abilities extend beyond mere ghost hunting; she claims to communicate with spirits, sensing their emotions and visualizing their stories primarily through the feelings and memories of the living.


Amanda Pulson in a cave
Amanda Paulson | Instagram


Her skill is deciphering the emotions of haunted places as she perceives various feelings such as sadness, euphoria, nostalgia, and deja vu. Amanda asserts that these emotions are interconnected with hauntings, guiding her in identifying locations with ghostly activity.

 "I can feel spirits' emotions and see images that tell stories of the dead," she said.


"However, this comes primarily from the living. So, sometimes spirits can come through, but I mostly focus on reading how the living is feeling and the memories that they have about the dead."


Despite facing criticism and ridicule from disbelievers, Amanda remains steadfast in her pursuit. She revealed that her aim isn't to convert non-believers but to provide comfort, understanding, and courage to those intrigued by the paranormal.


She acknowledges the difficulty in believing in herself but remains undeterred, focused on aiding others in finding fulfilment through their interests.


Despite challenges and scepticism, Amanda, who has been a ghosthunter for over 15 years, finds solace in her unusual career.


Her profession, she claims, not only helps her confront mortality but also enriches her life. She encourages sceptics to discover their own beliefs and interests that could provide similar fulfillment.


Amanda Paulson's ghost-hunting experiences reflect a journey from fear to fascination. Equipped with a range of ghost-hunting tools, she delves into haunted locations, interpreting emotions to identify paranormal activity.


Her encounters with spirits, including the surreal marriage proposal and her ability to connect with the deceased through the living, showcase her unique expertise in this eerie field.


Amanda isn't stopping anytime soon, and she's taking the time to highlight her spooky experiences to her fans on the internet.