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Las Vegas Man Narrates Alien Encounter, Releases Strange "Alien Footage"

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
An alien behind a misty glass window
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Last month, a man from Las Vegas claimed to have encountered aliens in his backyard, measuring between eight and ten feet tall, after witnessing a strange light plummeting from the night sky. 


The incident has garnered global attention, with many offering their theories on what happened. The man, who goes by the name Alien Society51 on YouTube, has now shared his experience in detail. He emphasizes that he is not interested in promoting conspiracy theories or seeking fame. 


In his first video on the channel, which has already received over 350,000 views and 4,150 comments, he acknowledges that not everyone will believe his story but reminds viewers that everyone is different.


He recounted, "At the stroke of midnight, my brother and I were repairing a truck in our backyard when we suddenly heard a loud thud coming from above. As I turned around, all I could witness was a luminous object plummeting down from the sky. The impact was massive, accompanied by a deafening explosion."


My brother and I were frightened by the impact. It felt like a shockwave, and we had an out-of-body experience. When I attempted to observe the object, the backyard area appeared blurry, not my eyesight."


The gentleman shared body cam footage depicting a bright, blue-green ball of light careening toward the ground in the distance. The clip clearly showed the object's lack of control.


Additionally, he presented footage from a neighbor's doorbell camera that captured a peculiar whirring noise followed by a loud explosion.


"Upon that occurrence, the sole entity visible in the backyard was a towering being, likely measuring between eight to ten feet in height and possessing a very slender physique.


I contacted my father, who ventured into the backyard and encountered the identical creature that I had seen. He instructed me to retreat indoors. At this juncture, both my family and I were in a state of extreme panic."


Afterward, he showed another video containing footage of an alien, although it was inconclusive. He asserted that "it's difficult to discern, but it's present."


He went on to recount, "Immediately following the video, my brother contacted me in a state of distress and urged me to check behind the forklift. Upon doing so, I spotted the ugly creature. It was a tall, slender creature with a grayish-green complexion."


"When I locked eyes with it, I felt immobilized, similar to the sensation of experiencing sleep paralysis.


As I look at him, I take in his whole body. His feet seem strange, and his face is big, with noticeable eyes and an open mouth. Also, I can hear his deep breaths and see his stomach moving up and down.


His stare paralyzes me, but I eventually recover and run to the safety of the house, where I call 911 right away."



Alien observer shares details with the police
He called the police and narrated the event to them



After hearing footsteps on the roof, the man called the police. Upon arrival, officers discovered a near-perfect circle in the backyard.

Watch the full video here.