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List of Movies Netflix is Removing for UK and US Viewers This Month

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
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Netflix logo on a building


In May, Netflix had already prepared a list of movies and some TV shows that would make their way out of the platform. Those who have been using Netflix for a long time know that the streaming platform undergoes some purging at the end of each month. The service notified Fanfare that some movies would be removed due to licensing issues. 


Netflix, on their help page, has already explained why they usually remove some movie titles at the end of the month. The primary reason lies in the licensing agreements. Whenever a movie or a series' licensing rights expire, the platform quickly removes even new films on Netflix to avoid breaking laws. "Netflix licenses TV shows and movies from studios around the world. Though we strive to keep the titles you want to watch, some leave Netflix because of licensing agreements," Netflix explained. 


Before removing a movie from their streaming platform, Netflix says that they first consider" If the rights to the title are still available" and "How popular it is in a region, and how much it costs to license." So within April, Netflix went through this procedure and selected a list of movies that would leave their platform in May. 

List of Movies to Leave New Netflix UK and US 

Starting from May 1st, Netflix will be removing the following:  

Against the Sun – UK


Along Came Polly – US


American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile – US


Are You The One – UK/US


Barefoot – US


Beverly Hills Cop – UK 


Big Daddy – UK


Black Crows – US


Blade Runner 2049 – UK


Blue Streak – UK


Blue Thunder – UK


The Bourne Identity – US


The Bourne Legacy – US


The Bourne Supremacy – US


The Bourne Ultimatum – US


The 'Burbs – US


CIA: Comrade in America – UK/US


The Clapper – UK/US


Code Geass: Lelouch of… – US


Coffee for All – UK/US


The Dark Knight – US


Den of Thieves – US


Eat Pray Love – US


Empire State – US


Fan of Amoory – UK/ US


Fletch – US


Food on the Go –UK/ US


The Four Seasons – US


1408 – UK


The Gentlemen – US


Ghost Rider – UK


The Hangover: Part II – US


The Hangover: Part III– US


King Kong (2005) – US


Leap Year – US


The Legend of Zorro – US


Life (1999) – US


Lord of War – UK


The Mask of Zorro – US


Notting Hill – US


The Nutty Professor – US


Nutty Professor II: The Klumps– US


The Other Side of the Mountain – US


Parenthood – US


Piranha (2010) – UK


Play Misty for Me – US




Road to Perdition – US


Savages – UK


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – US


The Social Network – UK


The Sting – US


The Strange House – UK/US


This is 40 – US


3 From Hell – US


21 Jump Street – US


In May's second, third, and fifth, Netflix would remove Jailbreak – UK/US, Mama Drama – UK/US, and Pup Star: World Tour – US, respectively. 


On May 6th, Netflix will be removing the following:


Anatomy of Evil – UK


August Sky – 63 Days of Glory – UK


Autsajder – UK


Lousy Luck Good Love – UK


Black Mercedes – UK


Black Thursday – UK


Blindness – UK


Clergy – UK


Damaged – UK


Extermination: Ready to Roll – UK


Father –UK


Fighter – UK


Holy Business – UK


Joy in the World – UK


Last Breath – US


The Legions – UK


Little Jacob – UK


The Lure – UK


Mister T – UK


Na Uklady Nie Ma Rady – UK


Odnajdę cię – UK


Piąta pora roku – UK


Porady Na Zdrady – UK


Prosta historia o morderstwie – UK


Servants of War – UK


7 Emotions – UK


Smoleńsk – UK


Sniadanie do lózka – UK


Sophie Seeks 7 – UK


The Top Floor – UK


Totem – UK


Unfinished Time – UK


Viva Belarus! – UK


Żyć nie umierać – UK


On May 7th, Netflix will remove the following movies:


Aerials – UK/US


Freej Al Taibeen – UK


In Paradox – UK


Match – UK


She's All That – UK


Toc Toc – UK/US


Wedy Atkalam – UK


For May 10th, Netflix will remove the following:


Ammonite – UK


Chaos Walking – UK


Wild Mountain Thyme – UK 


May 11th would see Netflix remove the following movies:


Ali & Alia – UK/US


Dear Affy – UK/US


They will also remove Mindhorn – US and Weed the People – US on the 12th and 14th of May. 


On May 15th, Netflix will remove the following:


Aiyaary – US


Grandmother's Farm – US


Grandmother's Farm Part 2 – US


Heaven Without People – US 


On the 16th, they will remove the following:


Booba: Food Puzzle – US


Paddington – US 


For the 17th and 18th of May, Netflix will remove Side Effects – US and Clash – US, respectively. They will also remove Taxi No 9211 – US and The Last Days – US on the 19th. 


From 20th to 30th May, Netflix will remove the following movies:


Little Singham Future mein Satakli – US


Modest Heroes: Ponoc Short Films Theatre – US


The Suit – US


Azzurri – Road to Wembley – US


Illang: The Wolf Brigade (Netflix Original) – US


The Other – US


Sara's Notebook (Netflix Original) – US


Collateral Beauty – US


The 2nd – US

List of TV Shows to Leave Netflix on May 

Netflix also lists TV shows and series that would leave the streaming platform. 


From the first day of May to the 26th, Netflix will remove the following TV shows:


Uncoupled season one – US


iZombie season one to five – UK


Away From Home season one – UK/US


Bibik-Bibikku season one – UK/US


Cinta Iris season one – UK/US


Cinta 100KG season one – UK/US


Cinta Si Wedding Planner season one – UK/US


Cinta Teruna Kimchi  season one – UK/US


The Missing Menu season one – UK/US


Roadkill season one – UK


Secret of Success season one – UK/US


Unchained Fate season one – UK/US


The Bisexual season one – UK


The Drowning season one – UK


Bordertown season one to three  (Netflix Original) – UK/US


Live season one (Netflix Original) – US


Something in the Rain season one ( Netflix Original) – US