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Man Parades After Successfully Transitioning to a Dog, People React

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Man wearing a dog costume and a handler
Taco's dog costume looked very realistic (YouTube) |

A Japanese private citizen man named Toco has spent over $15,000 just to transform himself into a dog.


He posted a video of his first public appearance in his collie costume on his YouTube channel. The description on the channel stated that he had always wanted to be an animal. The video was filmed about a year ago but was only recently uploaded.


He revealed that the unusual outfit had enabled him to fulfill his desire to transform into an animal. The video, uploaded on Toco's YouTube channel with over 32,000 subscribers, depicted him wearing the colie costume, enjoying himself in a grassy area, rolling on the ground, and joyfully engaging in a game of fetch.


The video has sparked a lot of mixed reactions from viewers, with many people approaching the dog in a friendly manner, but some just walked past it. Some admired the costume, while others wondered how he managed to walk in the unusual costume.


Watchers appeared to be in shock at the man's doggy ovation as he paraded down a busy street in the clip that weird and has ranked up to 1.7 million views.


Toco then completed his special costume with a saddle strapped around his abdominal fur. He, however, admitted he was very scared and nervous about stepping out in public.


As the foreword to his unusual hobby, Toco answered several questions in the video that was made last year, admitting he always had a big dream of becoming an animal ever since he was a little child.


In the clip, he wrote that this is how his dream turned out, and he felt fulfilled, adding that he chose to become dressed in the collie costume due to the inconsequential size difference between the breed and humans.


Watch the moment Taco interacted with other dogs


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The company, which manufactured Taco's collie costume Zeppet, said it took up to one month and ten days to create the furry fashion item, which cost a total of 2 million Yen (USD 14,161). 


The company's spokesman told the news that the costume, Modeled after a collie dog, reproduces the appearance of a real dog majestically walking on four legs.


Despite gaining online fame with his dog transition pursuit, Toco did not reveal his identity, which he received from most of his friends and family.