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Man Steals Scooter And Attempts to Assemble it in Front of Target

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Mugshot of man who stole from Target Vandermeyden-Miller
Vandermeyden-Miller (Flagler County Jail Mugshot)

A man identified as Patrick Vandermeyden-Miller was caught while attempting to steal and also arrange an electric scooter right outside the target where he stole it. The Razor” brand electric scooter is worth up to $539.99 but the criminal passed all points of sale without paying before exiting the store. 

The man was arrested on Monday afternoon 3rd of April in Flagler County after it was reported that a man exited on a state road with a stolen electric scooter. When the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the report, they found the man identical to the suspect’s description he was also assembling the electric scooter in front of the store on the sidewalk, and if they were just 15 min late, the criminal would have been happily cruising down the sidewalk.

The shoplifter was arrested and handcuffed (Wesh.com)

The Free Ride 

The Flager County Sheriff Rick said in a News release  “This dumb criminal of the week must have thought he was in another state or city where it’s okay to walk into a store and steal what you want and not face any consequences, He didn’t get to ride ‘his’ Razor but he did get a free ride to the Green Roof Inn in the backseat of a patrol car!” 

A comment on the news said "Steal and then try to put it together in front of the store you stole it from…..HAHAHA, people can't be that dumb. 

Another comment says: "Apparently he is THAT dumb and there are lots more just like him".

According to the news from Wesh.com After the officers conducted a self-search on Patrick Vandermeyden-Miller, they found a drug called paraphernalia in his pocket. This is equipment that is used to consume illicit drugs. He was later transported to the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility, he is facing charges of petit theft and possession of paraphernalia drugs and also he is being held on a $2,000 bond.

Of course, the crime of stealing something that does not have a high value is not something that has not been heard before but this case of Patrick Vandermeyden-Miller is one hilarious episode that has left the internet in awe.