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Man Undertakes an £86k Surgery to Be Taller Because He Felt Like a 'Huge Tumb"

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Brian Sanchez grows a feet taller after his surgery, before and after
Brian Sanchez before and after surgery (Credit: PA Real Life) |

A man named Brian Sanchez from Georgia, US, grew tired of his disproportionate appearance and opted to undergo surgery to enhance his physical features.


The 33-year-old man, despite being 6ft, a keen bodybuilder, and boasting a hulking figure, began to feel a little disproportionate and felt like a 'huge thumb' paid out £86,000 to make himself seven inches taller.


When he heard about the leg lengthening surgery(LLS), the dad-of-two thought it was the perfect way to get rid of some of his concerns.

He said, "I thought I can just find a new hobby and give up lifting weights, or I can fix the issue, "then, I started Googling and ran into the procedure from there, and as soon as I saw it, I thought 'OK, I guess this is what I'm doing" Brian explained.


The next minute, he was on a plane to get the show on the road to Turkey, where he performed the surgery. 


Brian's first operation was done in December last year, which involved the painful process of snapping his tibia and fibula and putting a rod inside the bones, then fastening it with pins. 


However, a few months later, in March, he had the procedure to extend his groins, and feel too large for his frame. Brian also said he wanted to do it to be a few inches taller than his wife.


The mortgage broker said: "My wife is pretty tall, we were only about three inches apart, but it'll be a nine-and-a-half-inch difference once I'm completely recovered, and It's going to be pleasant just to have her down there on my chest when I hug her instead of being almost eye level.


Brian felt a little self-conscious in January 2022 when he noticed that his legs didn't match his 'shaft proportion at the time, 'and he thought he looked a bit freakish.


Brian further explained: "I noticed that my legs were looking weird, but I didn't know what it was, "I'm broad, have long arms, I'm wide, but my short legs make me look different. I almost look like a huge thumb man from Spy Kids."


However, after several months and thousands of dollars lighter, Brian has managed to achieve his goal.

After the operations, Brian now stands around 6ft 7in tall and is proudly happy with the results.


They had to break both his legs. Credit: PA Real Life


Tall Surgery, New Popular Trend Among Short Men 


Surgery for height is popular mostly among men who feel inferior to their short stature.

A 41-year-old man named Moses Gibson also endured two rounds of excruciating height-lengthening surgery to grow five inches taller.

Having felt insecure about his 5ft 5 stature, Moses had tried several medications and even reached out to a 'spiritual healer in a bid to spring up. But nothing was working, so the desperate 41-year-old decided painful surgery was his only alternative, which involved breaking multiple bones in his body.


Moses struggled with his height in his dating life and endured offensive jokes about being 'short,' but now he has a newfound confidence and a girlfriend.