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5 Uncanny Reasons Mark Zuckerberg May Be Alien After All

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Mark Zuckerberg takes a selfie; aliens in the background
Mark Zuckerberg is alien-like in more ways than you imagined | Instagram/Shutterstock
Many of us believe Mark Zuckerberg may just be out of the ordinary — we've got enough reasons to make you see it from our POV!



Here are some uncanny reasons why Mark Zuckerberg might be an alien after all. Firstly, the concept of Alienism borders on strangeness and, most times, weirdness.


Mark Zuckerberg exemplifies such traits that one might ponder if he is an extraterrestrial, as evident in his mannerisms, belief system, appearance, and overall track record.


Over time, Zuckerberg has repeatedly proven how much of a space cadet, oddball, misfit, and total outsider he is.


A close observation of Zuck reveals how fascinatingly strange the whole of his being is. While many people think he's nothing short of a regular human being, there are, indeed, lots of variables that set him apart.


Why Could Zuckerberg Be An Alien?

1. His appearance

When you first look at Zuckerberg, it's clear that he looks very different from the average person. His fang-like canines, large eyes, and pale skin all contribute to his unique appearance.


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Press conference at the summit G8/G20 about new technologies - Deauville, France on May 26 2011
Mark Zuckerberg | Shutterstock


There's seldom a famous person without a doppelganger or at least another person that has a slight look as them. But look-wise, Zuckerberg seems to be living in an entirely different world of his own. Why's that? 


2. His interest in space 

Zuckerberg shows an uncanny interest in space in a suspicious type of way. A part of this fact was confirmed in a report on the official NASA website in 2016.


Zuckerberg had connected with three astronauts in space on a Facebook live session scheduled for 20 minutes. He interviewed them on important space matters and possible exploration. 


Again, at the 2016 global entrepreneurship summit held at Stanford University, Zuckerberg mentioned his plans to build a space-based internet, especially with cheaper satellites and faster computers, that could foster this plan.


Over the years, his subsequent submissions revealed his unwavering desire for space exploration. Why does this all seem like a cry to go back "home?"


3. He appears to lack emotions

Mark Zuckerberg's emotionless demeanor is unsettling. He speaks monotone and rarely displays appropriate facial expressions during public appearances. This lack of emotional expressiveness raises concerns regarding his ability to understand and connect with his audience.


One could argue that his limbic system, responsible for emotion control, is absent. Hence, such a robotic poise.


His behavior is often described as cold and lacking in empathy and emotion. Additionally, he is known for feeling uncomfortable in social settings, leading to his reputation for having an alien conduct.


Well, Mark Zuckerberg does smile in his photos (sometimes). On April 25, the Facebook CEO posted photos of happy employees to mark the opening of Meta's first store in Burlingame, California.


However, it took a quick turn - for the worse. One group photo became an instant meme hit, with some people altering the image to make it seem like no one was smiling.


Mark Zuckerberg selfie with Meta staff
Mark Zuckerberg's group selfie with staff went viral for appearing to be out of the ordinary | Zuck/Facebook


4. Data Misuse and intelligence

Another conspiracy theory is that Zuckerberg gathers Facebook users' data for unethical use. And even while users have cried about their information being harvested, Zuckerberg couldn't care less. He faced criticism in 2018 for mishandling information, resulting in a court case. 


Also, Zuckerberg's intelligence can pass for a genius. Aside from his robotic and alien aura, he exudes a deep depth of wits that makes him stand out, especially when he shares the plans and strategic moves on taking META to a better high. 


5. His belief in technology supremacy as the ultimate problem solver 

Another significant factor that made Zuckerberg lose touch with his human side is his unhealthy focus on technology as an ultimate problem-solving tool.


He thinks technology can be used to solve word conflicts that should be resolved with simple human dialogue. One could say this is a robotic thought process. 


How Has Zuckerberg Managed His Strangeness? 

Despite his tremendous wealth, Zuckerberg has struggled to blend in with regular human behavior. It's concerning that he dresses in an extremely casual manner, much like an ordinary person.


In the past few months, we have seen him try to feed his sick social life by having the popular kickboxer Israel Adesanya train him.


After this, he called for a physical fight with Elon Musk. All in a bid to get out of the shadows.  


More Bizzare Facts About Mark Zuckerberg

His goat meat saga

It's quite fascinating, yet pretty weird, that Zuckerberg went through a life phase where he ate meat only from animals he killed. It's also weird that he seems to love his goats too; he even named one after Bitcoin!

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook post screenshot
Mark Zuckerberg named one of his goats Bitcoin | Facebook

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Jack Dorsey, the founder and former CEO of Twitter, recalled his most memorable moment with Mark.


He revealed that Zuckerberg invited him over for dinner after having killed the goat with a laser gun, even though the goat was knifed after that. Who kills a goat with a laser gun? 


He has spear-throwing as a hobby

Mark Zuckerberg is very much in love with spear-throwing as a venture. And in the manner he described his passion for this sport, it was more of an obsession than a sheer hobby.


He shared this in June. It was a slow-motion video of himself throwing his spear at a wooden target with his ears protection on. 


He revealed this on his official Facebook page, captioning it as having some particular sets of skills but somehow insinuating that this one stands out. Aren't the things that capture his fancy worrisome? First, it was killing a goat with a laser gun; now this. 


Weird use of sunscreen

Another interesting fact about Zuckerberg is the weird way he uses sunscreen, especially when surfing or at the pool.



What's on his face that could be washable by water that he's trying so hard to mask? The internet almost sunk in uproar in 2020 after Mark's picture surfaced, showing him surfing on an expensive surfboard with a dense sunscreen on his face. 


In his defence, he said that was an effort to camouflage upon sighting a paparazzi guy who seemed to want to take pictures of him. However, the subsequent years would later prove the continuity of the same act. 



Conclusively, everything about Zuckerberg puts him in the light that tells of his surreal personality. With Zuckerberg, you cannot pinpoint the problem; however, you can tell that something is incorrect. Nonetheless, we cannot dismiss the fact that he has a biological family, even though clouds of mystery hover around him.