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Is Melania Trump Hiding? Neighbors Are Curious About Her Whereabouts

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Ex US First Lady Melania Trump
Melania Trump | Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock.com

Melania Trump, First Lady to ex-US president Donald Trump has been off the radar for a while and many people are beginning to question her mysterious disappearance from public functions.

Recall that the first lady and her husband Trump used to live in Mar-a-Lago, a residential property where both have been spending time together on several occasions.

But lately, residents have noticed that Melania hasn’t been seen frequently or outside Mar-a-Lago.

Some think it's a mere decision to stay away from the public while others feel her sudden disappearance is strange and a mystery waiting to be unraveled.

The Public Quizzes Melania Trump’s Whereabout

Before now, Melania was often seen at the town's beauty parlor and around Mar-a-Lago until recent events piqued the public’s curiosity.


At the big club where the couples are recognized as active members, residents have noticed her absence from the facility that used to be one of the major places she frequents.


Club members have expressed their worries stating how unusual this mystery absence is for everyone. It's almost like Melania is living a secret life now, which seems weird for a socialite like her.


Some also think Donald Trump's interest in being President again could be a contributing factor as there seems to be no other logical explanation for the ex-first lady’s decision to stay off the radar.


Ex US President Donald Trump extends his hands to his wife as they take a walk

Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump | Michael Tubi/Shutterstock


Mar-a-Lago was bought by Donald Trump in 1985 and he’s lived there his entire life up till his presidency, so it only makes sense that they live together. And If they do, what else could embolden her decision not to come out or socialize anymore? 


Sometimes when Trump talks at events, he mentions Melania and happily leaves hints of their time together, sharing how Melania doesn't like him dancing or doing hilarious things during his speeches.


He explained how much she considered his public jokes weird and the publicity that followed the rallies and campaigns he participated in.


If one considered these tiny details left behind in Trump’s statement, it might also mean her refusal to show up is a deliberate act to kick against his rerun in 2024.

Papers asking for Melania’s whereabouts have already been handed out in Iowa and some are beginning to fret that the ex-first lady might be missing since she’s not been seen for 3 weeks now. 


Amidst the ongoing search, Melania Trump has taken to Twitter to explain she’s been getting better from treatment for her kidney and is currently working at the White House for kids and families.


While this might explain her mysterious disappearance as a way to stop people from guessing about her health and where she is, many still think there might be more than meets the eye.


So, where really is Melania? That's the big question. People are curious about her new distance from public events and not many are considering the option of her enjoying a quiet life doing the things she loves. It’s a puzzle yet to be unraveled and we hope we get to witness her return soon.