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Messi Reveals Reason for Splurging Over $180k to Buy 35 Gold iPhones for His Argentine Teammates

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

Lionel Messi has splurged a whopping £175,000 on 35 gold iPhones for his World Cup-winning team and staff. As many consider him the greatest soccer player of all time, the current PSG winger didn't hesitate to splash thousands of dollars on his teammates and staff that helped him to win the most prestigious soccer competition. Lionel Messi's run at the World Cup 2022 was simply amazing as the Argentine went from losing in their first game against Saudi Arabia to winning the trophy. 

Messi's world cup goals are still considered one of the best, and he even gave wonderful assists. Apart from Messi's world cup goals, one of his most memorable assists at the competition was the one against Croatia, where he dribbled past their highly-rated defender. 

Instead of investing in gold chains or watches as many soccer players do, the phenomenal player invested thousands of dollars into 35 iPhones for his teammates who participated in the  World Cup 2022. The coaching and the other staff weren't left out as they were also included in the iPhones purchased. The number of teammates that accompanied Lionel Messi to the World Cup 2022 was 26, and there were about 11 staff who also featured in the tournament. 

The CEO of the company from which Lionel Messi purchased the gold-plated iPhones was the one that broke the news on Instagram. The CEO of iDesign Gold, Ben, was the one who broke the news online. But before the news broke out on the internet, a reliable source mentioned, "Lionel wanted to do something special and blingy to celebrate his proudest moment. He got in touch with entrepreneur Ben Lyons, and they came up with the design together."

It was after this statement that Ben Lyons released a statement confirming that Lionel Messi had indeed purchased gold-plated iPhones for his teammates and coaching staff. According to Ben, CEO of iDesign Gold," Lionel is not only the Goat, but he’s one of IDESIGN GOLD’s most loyal customers and got in touch with us a couple of months after the World Cup final. He said he wanted a special gift for all the players and staff to celebrate the amazing win but didn’t want the usual gift of watches. So, I suggested gold iPhones inscribed with their names and he loved the idea."

Messi gifts his world cup winning team with 24-carat gold iPhones worth  1.74 crore | Mint

According to the entrepreneur, Lionel Messi wanted the gold-plated iPhones to come with the player name and number, and it was designed exactly that way. The picture shared online showed some players' names and numbers, such as DiMaria. 

The Most Wanted Trophy 

Lionel Messi while speaking at the FIFA Best Awards said the world cup was the only award he has been hoping to win all his life. At the end of the world, Messi's Argentina goals increased to 98, making him the highest goal scorer for his country. 

According to Lionel Messi, "The World Cup win was the best thing that happened to my career, Thanks to God who helped me to achieve it after so many years of trying" 

"I was lucky to achieve everything in my career. Winning the World Cup was special. I really want to play the matches with the National Team. The reunion with the people is going to be similar to the Copa América," the world cup champion added.