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Micheal B. Jordan Rocks Sizzling Hot Calvin Klein Underwear In New Ad

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read

New Calvin Klein Ad Has Got The Internet Buzzing

Michael B Jordan posing for a Calvin Klien underwear ad
Credit: Calvin Klien Instagram

The Calvin Klein Brand, founded in 1968 and known for its bold advertising, sure left an impression with its recent underwear ad. The fashion brand revealed the sturdy and handsome actor Micheal. B. Jordan as the face of its new campaign shoot. The brand attempts to visualize the values of a Calvin Klein man every time, and this campaign ad with Micheal B. Jordan has expressed it effortlessly once again!

Jordan took to Instagram to announce his affiliation with the brand's new campaign, officially launching on March 15th, 2023. The post, a bare-chested picture of him in a black pair of Classic Calvin Klein underwear, garnered fans' attention, and ladies especially can't stop swooning in the comments.

His caption @michaelbjordan read;

"Calvins or nothing", affirming the brand with his statement.


The world-renowned duo photographed the shoot, Mert & Marcus, and they delivered on portraying passion and physical intensity with Jordan's confident gait while wearing 

the new Calvin Klein 1996, Athletic, and Modern Cotton Performance underwear. The picture highlights Jordan's great body and personality and reinforces his commitment and discipline to his craft. The lighting effect used for the shoot creates a perfect theme of confidence and character narrative. 

The campaign will be live on the famous Soho billboard in NYC, Houston St, and a La Cienega Billboard as of today, February 27th. You can also keep tabs on their social media channels @calvinklein.

"Corny" Comments On Twitter

The talented actor who is currently preparing for the premiere of his first movie as a director, Creed III was well received on the internet for new pictures from the campaign ad where he exudes vulnerability and confidence with his pose.

Fans have since taken to social media to make "thirsty" comments. Still, the seemingly hilarious ones would imply that he was "corny" despite the allegations the black panther star is battling.

(@stabgf) He can be corny in a room with me in which there are no others

 (@lisaonrecord) Corny or not that’s my man idgaf