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Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Admits Her 'Karen' Attitude

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Millie Bobby Brown wearing dress by Louis Vuitton attends premiere of Enola Holmes 2 by Netflix at Paris Theater in New York on October 27, 2022
Millie Bobby Brown | lev radin / Shutterstock

Millie Bobby Brown, the star actress from Stranger Things, recently confessed about her Karen-like behavior in a restaurant. She revealed that she had spoken rudely to the waiters and complained about the long wait before her food arrived.

The 20-year-old Stranger Things star actress, whose net worth is over £10 million, harshly to a waiting staff because she ordered the food and drinks at different times and did not wait to receive the payment immediately after giving her the bills.

According to her, she had already looked through the menu list while in her car, but the waiter insisted on returning after getting the drinks orders.

An unimpressed Millie responded, "I'm like, no no, just wait here and take the whole orders together, it will make your job even easier" 

While expressing her displeasure in an outburst, she admitted to being a Karen.

The word 'Karen' is slang that is often used to describe middle-aged women who use their privileges and ask to see managers for low hospitality or discomfort.

"You know, one thing I hate is having to wait too long for orders," Millie explained.

"And then, delaying the bill and payment, you know when they put the bill on the table and come back almost half an hour later? I was like, "Just allow me to give you my card right now, I must take a walk to walk off this food," the film star further stated.

Jessie and Lennie Ware interviewed Millie for the Table Manners podcast in her hotel room at Luxurious London's Corinthia Hotel.

Her words stirred several comments from fans as some tagged her "rude" and felt "entitled" for speaking to a waiting staff with little respect.


Millie Bobby Brown poses for a picture with a smile outdoor
Photo | Milliebobbybrown/Instagram


Some comments under the podcast read: "Waiters in most restaurants stall with drinks to avoid the kitchen getting swamped and the chef yelling at them."

Another comment read: " Everyone you're complaining about is all underpaid but you're not, and not have you ever had to struggle."

Millie also says that she thinks it's really important to leave reviews at hotels and restaurants.

Another commentator replied, " I once got fired because of a bad review. It turns out that the client who left the review was only having a bad day, and I was not the wrong one."

The Stranger Things star revealed the reason behind her being a Karen, saying that being criticized her whole life has forced her to develop Karen behavior.

In her words, "my whole life is filled with different people criticizing me, so I have to give it back to them sometimes."

Millie Bobby Brown was 12 years old when she joined the cast of Stranger Things, a Netflix series, earlier in 2016. It is fair to say that Millie has grown right under the public glare, and it hasn't been a very easy ride through the year.