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Model Alarms Fans with Another Surgery, How far will She Go?

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Anastasiia Instagram video snapshot
Anastasiia/Instagram |

A plastic surgery celebrity model known for having the biggest cheeks in the world has just unveiled her latest cosmetic implants, leaving fans in shock.

A model from Kyiv, Ukraine who is 33 years old underwent several filler injections in her 20s, spending a total of £1,500. As a result, her once slender face and curly hair have been altered, resulting in extremely protruding cheeks.

Anastasiia Pokreshchuk has spent over £1,600 on administering face injections and claimed she looked like a mouse before her drastic cheek filler. However, the model has now taken her look to the next level to maintain her title. The filler addict who claims to have the biggest cheeks in the world has disclosed that she wants more plastic surgery to enhance her breasts and perky posterior.

According to the  Mirror, the model had done so much filler in her cheeks that she had already lost count of how many times she'd done the procedure but got several compliments gushing on her unusual look from fans. 

On social media, Anastasiia posted a video of herself lying in a hospital bed after her surgery. She explained the details of both her past and most recent implant surgeries, demonstrating the size of her previous implants to her followers. They were almost larger than her face, causing people to question her decision to go even larger.


Anastasiia on a hospital bed after her latest surgery
Anastasiia posts to update fans (Anastasiia/Instagram)


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The Newest Plastic Surgery Almost Went Wrong 

In a recent video, Anastasiia shared that she traveled to Istanbul, Turkey for breast augmentation surgery. This was not her first time having the procedure, as she had undergone previous augmentations. Her new implants are now the largest size available at 1050cc, while most people typically choose 300cc for a full C cup. Despite this, Anastasiia opted for the larger size.

She updated her fans on her progress and how difficult it was for the surgery team to get her desired size, thanking them for their hard work and support. 

She wrote in the caption: "These are my past implants. I now have 1050 ml, Motiva, the highest profile. Thank you @plastikaistanbul. By the way, they were looking for the right size all over Turkey for me, since this size is simply not produced anymore, only on order and a long wait but they found me as quickly as possible."

While some fans applaud her for her newest procedure, others have shared their worries about her health. 

However, some decided to be hilarious about it, with one fan asking, "Why do you change the size of your breasts every year?"

Another user commented: "It seems to me that she does not think about her future. I can't imagine how she will look in her old age."

Anastasiia is no stranger to undergoing surgical procedures to modify her body. She is solely focused on finding satisfaction through these surgeries and is indifferent to the opinions of her followers.