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Mom Who Makes $30k Monthly on OnlyFans Says "It isn't that Easy"

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Laura Laux Instagram selfie
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Laura Laux Instagram selfie



OnlyFans has gained significant attention, with numerous headlines showcasing individuals who have left their regular jobs to pursue full-time careers on the platform.


Many of these content creators are reported to earn substantial monthly incomes, ranging from hundreds to even hundreds of thousands of dollars. It may come as a surprise to see the earning potential of OnlyFans, but it is quite impressive.


Laura Lux, an OnlyFans model earning around $30,000 per month, cautions against the assumption that this line of work is as effortless as simply posting racy pictures. In an essay for Insider, she counters the idea that her success can be easily replicated and shares her perspective on the platform's demands.


Before joining OnlyFans in 2018, Lux worked as a stripper and experienced early sexualization, prompting her to leverage her sexuality to lead a financially secure and enjoyable life. While she does not engage in explicit content, she maintains a consistent posting schedule and offers more explicit content to paying subscribers. Her daily routine involves spending considerable time at her desk managing messages, administrative tasks, and planning.


While most people bear the notion that monetizing an OnlyFans account can be a quick path to easy money, Lux doesn’t seem to think so. According to the model on the popular media-sharing platform, there is a lot of work to do if you must be profitable.


Engaging with subscribers through conversations occupies a significant portion of Lux's day. With over two million followers on Instagram, she attributes a portion of her OnlyFans success to her existing social media following. 


Lux emphasizes that potential creators should carefully consider the consequences of joining the platform and highlights the misconception of it being an easy path to financial gain. 


The oversaturation of the market means that making money on OnlyFans requires substantial effort. Lux's established following from platforms like MySpace, Instagram, and Patreon played a crucial role in her success, indicating that starting from scratch can be more challenging.



Laura Lux playing snooker



Additionally, Lux warns aspiring OnlyFans stars about the permanence of their posted content. Anything shared on the platform is likely to exist forever, and individuals must be comfortable with that reality. She advises against pursuing explicit content creation on OnlyFans if individuals are unsure about the long-term implications. 


Furthermore, she debunks the notion that everyone can make substantial money, despite what some creators may claim. Success on OnlyFans often relies on active social media engagement, which exposes creators to derogatory remarks and degrading treatment from individuals who criticize their involvement in sex work.


The allure of high monthly incomes on OnlyFans has attracted significant attention. Howethatura Lux cautions against assuming it is an effortless path to financial success. 


She emphasized the oversaturated market, the necessity of an existing following, and the challenges of maintaining an active social media presence. 


“The market is super oversaturated, and the reason I’m so successful is because I already had a following from MySpace, then Instagram and Patreon…I wasn’t starting from scratch,” Lux explained.


Lux also reminds potential creators about the permanence of posted content and the potential consequences it may have on their future. Ultimately, she advises careful consideration and realistic expectations for those considering monetizing their content on OnlyFans.