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Moment Priyanka Chopra Revealed Her Fantasies for Prince William

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read
Priyanka Chopra and Prince Willam, photo mix
Priyanka Chopra, Prince William |

Priyanka Chopra, married to US singer Nick Jonas, has been accused of targeting the Princess of Wales to please her friend Meghan Markle. She enraged the fans of the royals when she casually referenced Kate Middleton, the princess of Wales, in her  Amazon series titled; "Citadel."


Social media webs have been flooded with posts against the Indian actress as the supporters of the Princess of Wales backlash against her after she was accused of attacking Kate at the behest of her friend Meghan Markle following the release of the latest episode of the series.


In the referenced episode of the show, Priyanka's character, Nadia Sinh, instructs her partner Mason Kane (Richard Madden) to set up a meeting with the crime leader Balduino Basto (Sen Monro) to broker a deal with the military. During this meeting, the character says, "The chief of armed forces? You might as well have asked me how to get between the legs of the Duchess of Cambridge!"


The supporters of the British royal family said the actress's reference to Catherine in her Amazon flop series is "crude and very unnecessary."


Actress Priyanka Chopra posing for a picture
Priyanka Chopra (Shutterstock)

Angry fans of the royal family went all the way to dig out an old video of Priyanka Chopra where she spoke about her desire to go on a date with the royal Prince William.


In the video, Chopra revealed that she wanted to go on a date with Prince William. She said, "I would like to go on a date with him. I would like to know what royalty at 33 is like," in response to a question. The interview was recorded seven years ago since Prince William is 40 years old now.


The video uploaded on Twitter captioned: Ooooh ok!!! NOW it makes sense why Priyanka Chopra hates Catherine so much, Prince William was her ideal date. Goodness, I see why Meghan and she are friends. Both wanted William but Catherine has him.


However, according to Marie Claire, there has been news that Priyanka Chopra reportedly snubbed Prince William and Kate at Wimbledon earlier in July 2022


Priyanka was in attendance at Wimbledon that year, sitting just two rows behind William and Kate's seats in the Royal Box. When the royals entered the stadium, some sharp-witted onlookers noticed that Priyanka did not applaud along with the rest of the stadium and didn't even look at the couple when their presence in the stadium was announced; instead, she casually adjusted her scarf. 


According to some bystanders, that meant definitively that Priyanka had taken Meghan's side in the family feud between the two princes and their wives. And this can also be re-traced back to Priyanka's outbursting in the latest episode.


Meghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra became best friends when they met at a magazine party around 2016.