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Mothers, married women to compete at Miss France 2023

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By Funnyvot Auditorial - - 5 Mins Read
Following a pageant revamp, Miss France can now become a married mother. After the renowned beauty contest's most recent adjustment to the twenty-first century, mothers and women of any age can now compete to win Miss France. Victoire Rousselot, a 27-year-old married mother and dental assistant, is eligible to compete in the Miss Alsace regional heat. Previous participants had to be single, childless, and under 24 years old. [caption id="attachment_39173" align="aligncenter" width="602"] Victoire Rousselot, 27, is the first married mother to be allowed to enter the Miss France contest.[/caption] Still, hopeful beauty queens must be at least 170 centimeters tall. Also prohibited are weight increases, hairdo changes, and the display of tattoos or body piercings. According to a ruling from earlier this year, participants who identify as female on the state registry of identification are also accepted if they are transgender. Transgender lady Andrea Furet finished second in the Paris heat on Sunday. Seven million people will watch the competition in December, which continues to be a staple of the television schedule. Although the prohibition on marriage and having children was "advisable" due to the commitments involved, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, the leader of the Miss France organization, believed that it was time for change. The strenuous nature of the months-long competition with numerous regional heats, she conceded, meant that the prohibition on marriage and procreation remained "advisable." [caption id="attachment_39174" align="alignleft" width="255"] Victoire Rousselot with her daughter.[/caption] She remarked, "I personally have had a career while being a mother." I don't want to presumptively believe that the contestants won't be able to organize themselves. Three months ago, Ms. Laroche-Joubert, 53, was hired by the Miss France organization to modernize the pageant. The contest was criticized by Elisabeth Moreno, the Minister of Equality, who claimed it was outdated and discriminatory. She called Ms. Laroche-Joubert and urged her to hire transgender people, as was done in South Africa, Spain, the United States, and Panama, among other nations. In order to challenge the competition in court for claimed violations of labor rules and discrimination, some rejected applicants banded together with a feminist organization last year. In response, the organization committed to further modernize the competition and provided candidates with full employment contracts with compensation the previous year. There has not yet been a decision on the matter. The current Miss France, 24 year old Diane Leyre, declared her commitment to equality. At her coronation, she declared, "As a woman, I want to prove that you can be Miss France and a feminist." "To me, feminism means choosing to live the way I want to live," The tournament was denounced as antiquated and unfair by France's Minister for Equality, Elisabeth Moreno, last year. She has previously called the rules of the tournament "backward." Miss France 2022 is 24-year-old Parisian Diane Leyre. She insisted that she is a feminist in response to criticism of the contest. As a woman, I want to demonstrate that you can be Miss France and a feminist, she said, according to the news source The Local. "To me, feminism means choosing to live the way I want to live," The competition declared last year that transgender applicants will be accepted for the first time. By placing second in the Miss Paris regional heat on Sunday, transgender contender Andréa Furet created history. The Miss France organization has consistently faced heavy criticism for having a strict age restriction (18–24) and antiquated restrictions for the contestants who compete, such as disallowing individuals with transgender identities and allowing no tattoos or body piercings.  There have been frightening incidents, such as participants being disqualified for breaking the "no naked images" rule by posing with body paint for breast cancer campaigns. With a lot of encouragement and gratitude, the organization recently changed all of the rules, making it possible for moms and married women to compete at the national pageant—a highly unusual development in pageantry.