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'My Wife Wears a Strange Ribbon to Hide a Hideous Secret'

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
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A distraught husband has shared a shocking story of how his wife hid a big secret from him, and he has been unable to forgive her ever since he found out the scary secret.

The couple has been married for almost seven years and blessed with 3 kids, but it's so surprising how the wife was able to hide such a secret without the husband finding out. The action of the wife portrays a deep situation of distrust and uncertainty.

According to Reddit, it all started when the couple had their last hang-out date on the 18th of July, 2023. The husband noticed that his wife was wearing a red ribbon on her wrist, but he shook it off, thinking that it was a glamor accessory for the date.

However, his curiosity was heightened when his wife (Marianne) refused to pull off the ribbon even several days after the date. The husband was perturbed and confused the day he finally discovered the mystery behind the red ribbon.

He said, "Most times, I wonder sometimes why she wore the red ribbon. But I almost killed myself out of despair and confusion the day I found out why she wore the red ribbon. Although a part of me told me that my wife was hiding something, I just couldn't figure out what it was."

The Secret Revelation 

In this case of awkward and weird stories, the husband had left work very early on that day because the office was crowded, so the manager agreed that he could leave the office a little bit earlier.

"I met my wife sitting on the couch in our living room, her face lit up in a grin when saw me. "Sweetheart your back early from work!” She stuttered with a not-so-deep grin plastered on her face.

"Yes honey, the office was a bit congested today so my boss allowed me to come home early”. The husband replied, but he noticed how furiously his wife was trying to tighten the ribbon tied around her wrist, and at the same time, a very unpleasant smell hit the bewildered man.

"A nauseating stench filled my nostrils as I tried to reply, I wondered where the stench was coming from," the man wrote.

"I noticed the smell was coming from her direction and so I asked.: What's that smell babe? I said while pinching my nose in disgust. She replied a little late after the question "Oh, it's nothing". But the husband noticed a stain on the red ribbon, and without warning, he moved closer and yanked off the ribbon only to see a very gruesome sight that made him stare in disbelief.

"I pulled off the ribbon without any warning, and beneath it was the most unpleasant thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Underneath the ribbon were rotten bits of torn flesh. I gasped in disbelief as maggots swarmed her hand, I couldn't take it as I screeched and ran into the bathroom."

The reason why the wife was hiding such a secret is yet to be disclosed, but the frightened husband said he had locked his wife in the bathroom as she ran after him when he saw the ugly sight. The man is presently seeking public opinion on what to do.

Redditors React 

While the story was greeted with varying reactions from readers on Reddit, there have been various speculations on what may have transpired.

Puzzled readers are worried about the reason why the wife may be hiding such a severe secret from her spouse. However, some were quick to condemn the man's actions when he saw the injury.

"Your wife of 7 years is rotting from the wrist, so your first thought was to lock yourself into the bathroom, make a Reddit account, and post about it on the scary stories subreddit? Lol", MidnightChillsYT commented.

Nonetheless, other users seem to think the man's wife is suffering from the complications of self-inflicted injuries and have urged the poster to help her seek medical attention.

"Nurse here: I have had the unfortunate luck to have seen maggots in flesh a few times. Most people are embarrassed to seek medical attention because of it. Is it possible your wife has self inflicted wounds and did not want to risk anyone finding out? I would hear her out and encourage a visit to the ER!," Cauzie said in response.