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Nicola Bulley: Missing Dog Walker May Have Been Attacked Before Disappearance.

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

A Friday Morning In Lancashire

Niicola Bulley out on a walk (Source: Yahoo News)

The Lancashire Police have continued searching for Nicola Bulley, a 45-year-old and mum of two who went missing after a dog walk on Friday. 

Nicola Bulley has lived in Lancashire for 25 years. The white, 5ft 3 woman with light-brown shoulder-length hair had initially dropped her girls off in school and was on a dog walk around River Wyre when she went missing. Yahoo News reported that she was last seen on that towpath by the River Wyre in St Micheal's.

The police found her mobile phone on a nearby bench, but it was still connected to a conference call when it was recovered. Even her dog, Willow, was seen straying around the bench area and the river an hour after she went missing that Friday. 

An eye witness(name withheld)  recounted seeing her at 9:15 am to the Police. Sources say she was wearing a black gilet jacket with a hood, black jean trousers, and olive green ankle Wellington boots at the time of her disappearance.

By Saturday, the police department had begun its search for her. Helicopters, drones, and police dogs were dispersed to the area, and even the state Fire & Rescue service decided to join. Over the weekend, Bulley's partner and the local community organized search efforts across St Micheal's.

Was Nicola Balley Possibly Attacked?

Ever since the sudden disappearance of Nicola Balley, speculations of a possible attack have been made by members of the community. However, in a press conference granted by the Lancashire police department, Superintendent Sally Rilley said they do not believe she was attacked even though fears for her are growing every day. 

Superintendent Sally said, "The police are keeping an open mind about what could have happened, but we do believe that the likelihood is that Nicola has gone missing, and this is not a criminal inquiry. "

When Ansell, Balley's partner of 12 years, was interviewed on Monday, he opened up on his fears; "It is just perpetual hell. It is just utter disbelief. It doesn’t feel real. All we can say is we need to find her. She’s got two little girls that need their mummy home. We have got to get some good news now.”

Nicola Balley's Family Continue To Hope For Her Return

The police made recent developments in the search this week. According to them, one of the possible key witnesses they had been hoping to interrogate had finally been found, and they plan to act on the new leads discovered. 

Balley's family is still distraught and direly hoping for some good news about her return. In a statement released by her family on Tuesday, they said: "We have been overwhelmed by the support from our community and would like to thank everyone for their ongoing efforts to help us find Nicola.

"The girls are desperate to have their mummy back home safe with them, and your ongoing efforts have provided comfort to them whilst we await news on Nicola.

“We ask for anyone who thinks they may have any information that may help the police find Nicola to please come forward and help them with their inquiries.”

Help Balley Reunite With Her Family

The police urge anyone with useful information that can aid the search for Nicola Balley and bring her home to her girls and loved ones to come forward and help their investigation.

If you were around the towpath at St Micheal's or have dashcam footage that may be of use, you can assist their investigation by coming forward. Public members who may see Balley can also ring 101 or call 999.