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North Korea Dumps Bags of "Poop" into South Korea

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Floating balloons of poop flying over South Korean border
Bags of excrement flying over the South Korean border | YouTube

South Korea has warned folks living near the North Korea border, pointing fingers at their neighbor for sending over balloons filled with what seemed like trash and even human waste.

South Korean military snaps shared on Wednesday revealed these balloons with plastic bags tied to them. One shot showed a mess of garbage around deflated balloons, with the word “excrement” labeled on a bag.

By Wednesday, over 150 balloons had been spotted, as per Yonhap news agency. They found some on the ground while others still floated in the air, said a source in the South Korean military. Some balloons went quite a distance, reaching as far as South Gyeongsang province in the southeast.

The drama between North and South Korea heated up when South Korea accused North Korea of sending balloons filled with trash, including feces.

Military photos showed balloons with plastic bags, one labeled “excrement.” Reports mentioned over 150 balloons detected, some landing in South Gyeongsang province, adding to the South Korea drama.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) confirmed balloons carrying trash and manure near the demilitarized zone, urging people to stay away and report sightings, intensifying the North Korea-South Korea drama.

To address the situation, the military dispatched their explosives ordnance unit and chemical and biological warfare response team to examine and gather the objects for further investigation. This move aimed to ensure the safety of the area and its residents.

According to Yonhap, the JCS condemned these actions by North Korea, stating that they blatantly breach international laws and pose a serious threat to the safety of South Korean people. They issued a stern warning to North Korea, demanding an immediate halt to these inhumane and offensive acts, adding fuel to the South Korea drama.

Following North Korean defense vice-minister Kim Kang-il's warning of retaliation, balloons carrying what seemed like trash were sent across the border into South Korea. Kim threatened to respond to anti-North Korean leaflets flown by South Korean activists, indicating a tit-for-tat approach.

Kim's statement, aired by the official KCNA news agency, promised retaliation against the scattering of leaflets and rubbish by South Korea near the border. He warned of dumping wastepaper and filth across the border areas and South Korea, known officially as the Republic of Korea (ROK), to showcase the effort required to clean it up.

For years, South Korean activists and North Korean defectors have sent balloons carrying leaflets criticizing the regime and urging North Koreans to oppose the ruling Kim dynasty. Additionally, they've sent USB memory sticks loaded with K-pop music videos, banned in North Korea. This ongoing activity has fueled the North Korea-South Korea drama.

In 2020, South Korea's President Moon Jae-in faced criticism for stopping defector groups from sending propaganda balloons into North Korea, causing tension in the North Korea-South Korea drama. The government revoked permits as groups continued launching balloons despite warnings, aiming to improve relations but complicating the situation. 

For Pyongyang, these balloons challenge the Kim dynasty's narrative, escalating North Korea-South Korea drama. Despite dismissing the contents as "dirty waste" and falsely accusing them of spreading the coronavirus, the regime sees them as a potential threat.