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Not Usain Bolt; This is the New World's Fastest Man

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Tyson Gay after the final Mens 100m celebrates his victory on September 12, 2009 in Kaftatzoglio stadium, Thessaloniki, Greece
Tyson Gay | Shutterstock

Without any doubt, after winning the 100m world record with an edgy span of 9.58 seconds earlier in 2009 in Berlin. Usain Bolt is the world's fastest man and has set a legacy during several events in his career.


The Jamaican made his first viral performance in 2008, recorded in New York City, with a surprising time of 9.72 seconds, and he succeeded the record from his predecessor, Asafa Powell, who was holding the world record title then.


However, new kings are bound to emerge, and Usain Bolt has no option but to pass off his title to the incoming new king, Tyson Gay.

Meet The New World's Fastest Men (Tyson Gay)

The reigning champion of the 100m dash is Tyson Gay, holding the fastest recorded time of 9.69 seconds, beating Usain Bolt's previous record of 9.72 seconds.


However, during the US Olympic trials in 2008, Gay ran the distance in just 9.68 seconds in Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, this time was not recognized as a new world record due to certain rules and regulations. This leaves the speculation of whether Usain Bolt's records can ever be broken or not.


The judges claimed the time to be wind-assisted, which interpreted that the time would not be officially recognized as a world record even though Gay won the race. According to the records count, the running wind speed must not go higher than 2 meters per second, and Gay had a backwind of 4.1m/s on this very occasion, which made the judges trash the record.


However, without considering the circumstances, the fans and commentators stated whether the wind assisted. Gay's timing was still the fastest time any human had ever covered a 100m distance. Crushing the last wind-aided event of Obadele Thompson in the 1990s with a 9.69-second set, Tyson Gay's top speed still surprised commentators with the most fantastic run ever.


Usain Bolt celebrating a win
Usain Bolt | Shutterstock


Usain Bolt's exceptional world record of 9.58 was also crushed by Justin Gatlin, who recorded a running time of 9.45 in 2016. The event didn't come on the track but was aired on a Japanese game show, and fans did a lot to assist and wind energy, which would cause the wind aid to be over the 2m/s limit, and again, the race wasn't recorded officially.


Several runners have tried to claim the world's fastest runner record, the legacy that the Lightning Usain Bolt set. Meanwhile, some have come close to beating the record. It will, however, take additional effort by a determined athlete, with no wind assistance at all, to finally break the record and claim the long-due crown.


The 100m race is the most popularly watched in the athletic competition and the Olympic Games. Research carried out by Sports Biomechanics at the University of Bath revealed that the probability of finding a new runner that'll match the energy of Usain Bolt is almost impossible, as it takes a unique combination of genetics and intensive training to achieve such a world-breaking record.