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Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon 2022 men’s singles final

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By Funnyvot Auditorial - - 5 Mins Read
The unpredictable Novak Djokovic easily won his seventh Wimbledon title after defeating a revitalized Nick Kyrgios in four sets. After multiple foul-mouthed rage tantrums and heckling from a spectator, Kyrgios' playing fell apart. Djokovic lost the first set in a thrilling three-hour encounter, but he ultimately learned to handle Kyrgios' enormous serves. The scoreboard showed 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, and 7-6, although this did not accurately depict how closely the points were contested or how thrillingly the match ebbed and flowed. Kyrgios, 27, couldn't help but wear a red cap after the match, breaking Wimbledon's dress code of all-white, for which he now risks yet another punishment. John McEnroe, a renowned bad boy, claimed in commentary that despite Kyrgios' amazing talent and shot selection, "he beat himself" due to his screaming at his (support) box. I understand that he is exaggerating his emotions, but perhaps they should leave—that might help, McEnroe suggested. https://twitter.com/Wimbledon/status/1546198064779538434?s=20&t=e5r0hUxC_FMZWR3QL1vsGA In the decisive third set, Kyrgios was down three break points when he stormed to his support box and yelled, "What do you want now, why do I get to f... g 40-15 and you just sit there, why do you that? While Prince George, 8, was watching his first Wimbledon play, the Duchess of Cambridge, who was sitting just a few meters away in the royal box, turned to divert his attention. Later, Kyrgios acknowledged that he didn't play the crucial points well. I had a great first set and put myself in a position to take the match by suffocating it. He simply seems so calm," the man remarked. "It's strange, I thought he didn't accomplish anything extraordinary today. I salute him. That match was very brutal. I felt I did a good job serving. I put myself in a winning position, but today I was completely unable to play those crucial points well. Then, Kyrgios stated, "I came up short but I am delighted with it," noting that Djokovic wasn't as tough of a rival as Roger Federer despite being a fantastic returner. He stated, "He doesn't sometimes make you feel as horrible as Federer does. In the third set, which was full of incidents, Kyrgios was given a code violation for cursing at a supporter he thought was intoxicated. "She's intoxicated out of her mind," he said, requesting that the umpire have her removed. The woman wearing the clothing and who seemed to have consumed 700 drinks.  With his seventh Wimbledon victory and 21st grand slam, Djokovic has surpassed Roger Federer on the all-time record. Rafael Nadal, who withdrew from his semi-final match against Kyrgios due to a stomach injury, is only one grand slam behind him. Early in the match, the crowded center court saw a new-look Kyrgios with a skill level no one had ever seen before: a relatively calm, mature player using his fearsome serve at will, hitting more than 200 km/h, showcasing patient baseline rallies, and debuting his cheeky underarm serve in a Wimbledon final. There was a crowd-pleasing tweener and many tactical soft crosscourt touches over the net. After his victory, Djokovic, 35, said on center court that he never imagined he would have such kind things to say about Kyrgios. https://twitter.com/Wimbledon/status/1546176730792075265?s=20&t=S8zLk2HyKKlSrSNMd3cXIw When the Serb was being imprisoned in a detention facility and was regarded to be a health risk to the Australian public, Kyrgios openly backed him in his conflicts with Australian lawmakers. The two have since messaged each other on social media, and the winner was supposed to shout supper to the loser, despite Kyrgios's insistence that he intended to "go bananas" in a nightclub. "I genuinely admire you a lot," Djokovic told Kyrgios. "Now that everything is starting to come together for you, I'll see you in the latter rounds of grand slams." Given our relationship, I never imagined that I would express my admiration for you in such a positive way (up to last year). It has been declared a bromance.