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Ogre for a Day - Airbnb to Open Shrek Swamp House

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Front view of the Shrek Ogre house
A view of the Shrek swamp | NJ.com/YT

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to be Shrek? Or at least, spend a night in his swamp house?

Imagine waking up to the aroma of Donkey's waffles and perhaps indulging in a delectable mid-morning parfait. Spend the afternoon exploring the various layers of Shrek's swamp (not in that way). Relax by the serene boulder and admire the muddy, mossy, and murky waters of this humble oasis.


In October, Shrek's Swamp will be available on Airbnb for a unique two-night getaway during the Halloween. Fans of ogres (and onions) can enjoy all the swamp has to offer without the need for torches or pitchforks. The "Beware" signs are simply Shrek's way of welcoming guests.


Located among the undulating hills of the Scottish Highlands, Shrek's Swamp welcomes all types of beings, both local and from distant lands, for a magical retreat in a private, albeit mucky, haven beneath the twinkling night sky.


Airbnb stated that the Scottish retreat boasts quaintly rural decor, a crucial outhouse, and dense vegetation to replicate the complex lifestyle of an ogre.


A bedroom setting
You would love to be Shrek in this bedroom | NJ.com/YT


The exclusive accommodations offer a range of activities, such as delectable parfaits, atmospheric "earwax candles," an evening bonfire for sharing tales, and morning waffles made to order.


From October 27-29, Shrek enthusiasts can apply to reserve a complimentary two-night stay in a swamp for a maximum of three individuals. Reservations will commence at 6 a.m. NZT on October 14, but interested parties should be aware that they will be accountable for their transportation to and from Scotland.


Ardverikie Estate, a 19th-century Scottish baronial house located in Kinloch Laggan, Newtonmore, Inverness-shire, is the independent owner and operator of the property.

See the Inside View of the Shrek Swamp House



In 2007, Airbnb was founded when a couple of hosts hosted three guests at their residence in San Francisco. Since then, it has expanded rapidly and now includes more than four million hosts who have welcomed over 1.5 billion guest arrivals in almost every corner of the world.


Every day, these hosts offer unique accommodations and experiences that allow visitors to connect with local communities in a more authentic way.


Airbnb's Shrek's Swamp is a unique take on the concept of a 'treehouse'. Unlike traditional treehouses that are built above the trees, Shrek's Swamp incorporates the entire tree into its design.


The exterior is a clear example of this. Once inside, the tree's branches and trunk crawl along the walls, offering guests a chance to fully immerse themselves in the character's lifestyle. The interiors are intricately detailed to perfectly capture the movie's scenography, making for an unforgettable experience.


In conclusion, the Shrek Swamp House, located in the Scottish Highlands, offers more than just a typical Airbnb rental. It presents an opportunity to embark on your fairy tale journey.


Whether you're an avid fan of the Shrek franchise or seeking a distinctive travel experience, this enchanting lodging guarantees to captivate and transport you to the fantastical realm of the Shrek films.


Don't hesitate to reserve your stay, dress in your greenest attire, and prepare to create lasting memories at the Shrek Swamp House – an incomparable tribute to one of the most beloved animated franchises in history.