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Phoebe Gates' Relationship Controversies - Who is She Dating Now?

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Phoebe Gates strikes a pose with Arthur Donald in Paris, France
Phoebe Gates posted a selfie with Arthur Donald in Paris | phoebegates/Instagram

Phoebe Gates Selfie On Instagram Sparks Mixed Reaction On Instagram - Could McCartney’s Grandson Be Her New Heartthrob?

Being in love with someone is so beautiful, but what’s more adorable is finding your person and living the perfect love story.


The typical boy-meets-girl is cute until it’s an Uber heir and a Microsoft heiress.ROMANCE might be brewing between these two, and we are here to see it.


The Mysterious Instagram Post That Created The Buzz

Earlier this October, Microsoft billionaire’s daughter Phoebe Gates shared a picture of her and Arthur Donald cozying up in the noble love city, Paris.


What’s even more suspicious is the picture’s background - two people who look like they might be smitten with each other in front of the Eiffel Tower. Cute!


A post shared by Phoebe Gates (@phoebegates)

Chances that this is a budding love story are not far-fetched since the Gates family has always been affiliated with people in the fashion industry. There is a high probability that the two love birds have always been in each other’s faces.


Gates once reminisced on her childhood memories with Arthur Donald’s aunt Stella McCartney during an interview with WWD last year; Even when I was little she [McCartney] would send me stuff and little notes and I’d be so excited,” she said.


Her new partnership with Stella McCartney further affirms how well both families have bonded over the years. If she’s dating the family’s grandson, it’s a timely love story anticipated by both parties.


Dating Rumors Yet to be Addressed

When your dad is a billionaire who built an empire like Microsoft and with a net worth of about $109 billion, you probably won’t be so surprised when the world tries to pry into your love life.


Phoebe Gates
Phoebe Gates | Instagram


While fans are still speculating and showing solidarity through Gates’s comment section, both couples have yet to make an official statement about their assumed relationship status.


It is still uncertain whether the rumored couple will release any official statement soon. Still, their subtle affirmation posts look adorable, and we hope they get to show their love and commitment to each other for a very long time.

Phoebe’s Past Relationship You Probably Didn’t Know About

Phoebe has a free-spirited personality that makes her different from the stereotyped “billionaire’s daughter.” She has always reiterated to her large fanbase on TikTok how important it is for her to “be her person” and not depend on her dad’s success.


If you already follow her on TikTok, you would attest to the light-hearted conversations with her mum and the spontaneous clips of her trying out her favorite outfits.


Phoebe used to date someone she attended Stanford University with but the relationship was attacked by harsh trolls who made mean comments about her interracial relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Robert Ross.


The trolls continued after the breakup, and she had to communicate her indifference during a recent interview with The Information.


"It’s 2023. I’m done being named for being in an interracial relationship," Phoebe Gates said.