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Police Apprehend Chucky Doll for Threatening and Robbing Locals

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
A scary looking chucky doll placed on a driveway
Hello, Chucky | Erik MClean/Unsplash

In Mexico, an individual named Carlos N has been arrested along with their Chucky doll. The doll was being used by Carlos to frighten and intimidate individuals in order to demand valuables, including money.


Carlos would hold the doll up to people's faces while wielding a real knife, forcing them to hand over their money. This obscene behavior led to the arrest of the culprit and his scary-looking instrument.


The scary doll and its owner were caught on the 11th of September in Monclova city on the northern side of Mexico while in the act of carrying out another robbery. She was handcuffed together with the doll.


They were charged with public order disruption and public endangering. A police officer went in to formally apprehend the doll by putting a cuff on its hand, which was unexpected to the onlookers and the media. S


Some onlookers jokingly asked that the officer pose so they could take a picture of him handcuffing the doll, but he strictly told them off, saying that his top priority is that his duties should be discharged accordingly.


The live doll character was popularized in a child play horror film in 1988, where both the owner and the doll ended up being apprehended by the police, which made the event seem straight out of a horror movie.


In the video footage that was captured, the orange-haired doll was seen with the knife but being pulled against the wall by a police officer. The report tardily said that the officer who had placed the handcuffs on the doll's hand was reprimanded for taking his job as a joke.


Scary Chucky dolls have been used to terrorize the public for a while now, and each episode has a different conclusion. Earlier in 2013, a live Chucky doll was used to play pranks on a group of people to publicize the then-coming release of Curse of Chucky movie.


An unsuspecting group of people were waiting at a bus station before an actor who was dressed in the attire of the scary doll, wielding the fake knife, suddenly jumped from behind, chasing the innocent victims down the road.