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Prince William's New Net Worth In 2023 Is Mindblowing!

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

A portrait of Prince Willaim
Prince William (Shutterstock)

William is a member of the British royal family. He's the elder son of King Charles III and Diana and the heir apparent to the British throne. William Arthur Philip Louis was born on 21 June 1982, which makes him 40 years of age. He is the heir apparent to the British throne.

Williams was educated at Wetherby School, Ludgrove School, and Eton College. He also earned a Master of Arts degree in geography at the University of St Andrews, where he met his future spouse Catherine Middleton.

Prince William is known to be a "working royal" as his full-time job goes to different charitable events. He holds patronage with over 30 charitable and military organizations And also performs official duties and engagements on behalf of the British monarch. He undertakes projects through The Royal Foundation, with his charity work revolving around mental health, conservation, and emergency workers.

William was made the Duke of Cambridge just before his wedding to Catherine Middleton in 2011. He became Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay following his father's accession to the throne on 8 September 2022. The following day, he was made Prince of Wales. This is a traditional title for the heir apparent to the monarch.

Even though he is born with a silver spoon, he’s about to get even richer too. Here is a breakdown of details on how his royal finances work. 

Trust Fund From His Great-Grandmother 

Harry’s great-grandma was Queen Elizabeth’s mother, and in 1994, she had placed two-thirds of her money, estimated at £19 million, into a trust fund for her great-grandchildren.

William and Harry then split another £8M of their trust fund when they turn 40. However, Prince William might have already been seeing the  $$$ since his 40th birthday was last June.

The Diana Trust 

After Diana and Charles divorced, he paid her a $24 million settlement. Following her death, the money was put in a trust for William and Harry, his younger brother, to inherit on their specific 25th birthdays. And by the time they were both 30, the trust had appreciated to the point that each of them had inherited $20 million. This trust makes up the vast majority of Harry and William's net worth

The Duchy of Cornwall 

In late 2022, he inherited the Duchy of Cornwall, which according to British Royal law, the eldest child of the reigning monarch inherited possession of the Duchy of Cornwall. This private “portfolio of property and financial investments” allows the Crown Prince to have a substantial income while awaiting the  Nevertheless, Williams took control after Charles, his father, became King following the death of his mother in September 2022. William is the Duke of Cornwall and has control of all the duchy’s revenue, which made profits of $26 million in 2020 and $24 million in 2021. According to a post made by Bloomberg, Prince William's yearly earnings from the Duchy of Cornwall will now amount to $24 million. 

The U.K. government reviews the trust as a "crown body, " meaning its income can not be taxed. However, Prince Charles has voluntarily paid taxes on his income since 1993. as a result of the tax-exempt challenge, which has happened multiple times. He voluntarily paid a 50% tax rate on the income for about a decade and started paying 25% when he got married in 1991. From 1993 to the present, he has paid the standard UK income tax rate each year.

Prince Williams's Net Worth 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Prince Williams currently has a net worth of $100 million, most of which comes from the duchy. And because he’s quite directly royalty, Prince William undoubtedly is rich. He said, “I live in a casual castle, and my late grandma owned a scepter." 

Finally, He’ll Inherit the Queen’s Money 

Prince William is in line to become the next monarch right after his father, King Charles, which means everything will be his someday. And according to Forbes, that includes $10 billion worth of real estate, the Royal Art Collection, an unch of swans, also an annual government stipend of $12.9 million. There’s also the late Queen’s net worth of $500 million; this money is not tied to the crown, including property, stud farms, jewelry, and a fancy stamp collection.