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Believing These 5 Superstitions About Love Could Ruin Your Relationship

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
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Superstitions are beliefs and practices based on magic that often create fear of the unknown. In many cultures, love and superstitions are closely intertwined with the beliefs and practices of finding and keeping romantic love.


Have you ever believed in superstitions in relationships? For instance, have you ever worn a particular dress on a first date because you believe it's a good luck charm? If you have, you're not alone!


We've compiled a list of love superstitious beliefs that, if taken lightly, can ruin your relationship. Check it out to see if you're guilty of any!


1. Odd Flowers / Even Flowers 





In Russia, it is believed that only odd numbers of flowers should be given to a loved one. Even numbers are thought to ruin the opportunity for a blissful relationship with that person.

Therefore, it is advised to count the flowers before gifting them. However, it's important to remember that flowers are just flowers and nothing more, so save yourself from unnecessary headaches.

2. Hiccups Magic 




Funny enough, some people believe that hiccups can give them love answers, assuming that the cause of the hiccups is an involuntary reaction that happens when their crush is thinking about them.

Some also believe that hiccups stop when they think of their crush. Well, if you believe this, you need to stop blushing and get a cup of water.

3. Faithful Test Trick 




Is it true that some women use tests or tricks to check if their partner is faithful?


This practice can harm your relationship; it is important to be mature and realistic. Waiting for an apology, even when your partner has done nothing wrong, could also cause damage to your relationship.

4. Waiting Three Days Before Calling Your Crush 





The superstition about waiting for three days before calling your crush and their answer would be YES is not something you should bank on.

Seriously, a lot could happen within three days, and the fact that you waited for three days doesn't mean their answer would change. It would help if you put in the work instead of loitering around waiting for a miracle.

5. Sharing The Same Towel 






While some couples believe that sharing a towel deepens intimacy, others believe that it might bring about unreasonable conflict in the future, which might jeopardize the union or even lead to divorce.

Whether sharing a towel is encouraged or not, physical intimacy does not trigger conflicts; conflicts happen when there is no mutual agreement or when you both can't agree on one thing. 


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Other Love Superstition 

There is a new superstition trending online called the "sweater curse. " It's a curse common among knitting societies that tend to ruin relationships or even lead to breakups.


A TikTok user who is also a knitter shared a post on her page, suggesting that if you are a craftsperson like her, you should avoid knitting a sweater for your other half as it could lead to a breakup in your relationship.


She claimed that she has been able to maintain her 20-year marriage by not knitting a sweater for him.


However, some of her followers disagreed with her theory. They argued that knitting a sweater as a gift has never harmed their relationship but strengthened their bond and deepened their intimacy.