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Secure Yourself Against Identity Theft

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By Funnyvot Auditorial - - 5 Mins Read
Cybercriminals are developing sophisticated methods of targeting individuals and companies. Personal information is used to access banking details and defraud government institutions and businesses.   These crimes are occurring more frequently every year. In reality, the Federal Trade Commission received close to 2.8 million fraud reports in 2021. About 42 million Americans were victims of identity fraud in the same year, according to Javelin Strategy & Research.   Never underestimate fraudsters who are taking advantage of digital payment platforms and un-secure banking transactions.  About Identity Guard Watson and Identity Guard collaborate to provide special identity protection features. Cognitive computing from Watson assists in predicting which online behaviors can raise the danger of identity theft. Watson also searches news stories and social media posts for indications of identity theft. It also provides alerts, such as when a member's bank or credit card provider is the target of a phishing attempt. Three of Identity Guard's plans for individuals or families use Watson. Budget-friendly Value plan with basic identity monitoring and recovery, Total plan with the addition of three-bureau credit monitoring, and Ultra plan with social media monitoring are a few of them.   Best Features Customers Love About Identity Guard   Affordability: Individual plans for personal use range from $7.50 to $25 per month, billed yearly, which is at the low end of the market.   $1 million reimbursements: Customers can be at ease to learn they are insured for up to $1 million if anyone should manage to hijack our identities.   AI identity monitoring: Identity Guard uses IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence, a computer so smart it has beaten the world’s best chess champions, to keep an eye out for identity theft. Among the features that Identity Guard offers are credit monitoring, financial tracking, dark web scanning, and criminal surveillance. There truly isn't a more reasonable service than Identity Guard, especially one that incorporates artificial intelligence to enhance its monitoring, with prices starting at just $7.50 per month.   Ranked 5 in Best Identity Theft Protection Companies of 2022 The usage of IBM Watson's artificial intelligence (AI) by Identity Guard makes it a potent tool for screening for suspicious behavior that could compromise your identity.     Additionally, Identity Guard receives praise for its cost-effective programs and $1 million in identity insurance. Only the more expensive plans can access these functions, such as account takeov er detection and thorough credit monitoring.   All of its plans include a mobile app, an online dashboard, notifications for questionable transactions, and dark web surveillance. If you experience identity theft, a committed case manager is assigned to you.   The upgraded plans provide more thorough monitoring of your financial accounts and credit profile (including your 401k). Along with monitoring court proceedings where your identity may have been stolen and detecting home title fraud, they also give an analysis of your online persona and suggestions for enhancing it.    Here's what Identity Guard customers are saying:  
"Last month I was a victim of credit fraud when my new US Bank credit card was taken and used to take out over 3,000 in cash. Since that time, there have been several credit inquiries in June 2022 that I did not authorize. I was helped by a few Identity Guard employees regarding these inquiries and was treated very well. The last employee took the time to call the companies of both inquiries just to verify that no new credit was obtained from these inquiries. Both employees that I dealt with on 7/7/22 and 7/8/22 were very helpful and polite."
- Posted on Trustpilot.com by Tanya Miller  
"We've had Identity Guard for quite some time. I feel completely comfortable and confident in the way Identity Guard conducts business. I highly recommend them."
- Posted on Trustpilot.com by Pat K.   
"I used to have Lifelock. They never notified me of anything. Identity Guard has notified me of every change to my account. I feel safe with them and their customer service is awesome."
- Posted on Trustpilot.com by Eli D.  
"Identity Guard immediately alerted me with a fraud alert that someone was opening a bank card with Wells Fargo in my name. I called a live person at IDG who put me in touch with an IDG agent Leon. Leon on a live 54-minute call helped me navigate thru 4 Wells Fargo fraud departments to stop this fraud."
- Posted on Trustpilot.com by Heinz Hegmann  
"Great company to look after you. I now feel better knowing that my identity is being watched and if there's a change I immediately get notified."
- Posted on Trustpilot.com by Ronald C.

"I had a very good experience, which I shall put all the credit on to Dejah. She was helpful, professional, courteous, knowledgeable, patient, entertaining, and nice. Cannot say enough about her, except this was the 2nd time I've spoken to her. I think you should clone her!
- Posted on Trustpilot.com by Deborah Leigh Hill  
"Tere worked with me and my husband on some issues we were having. She was very professional and very patient and stayed with us until all of our issues were solved. It is worth every cent to have Identity Guard when you provide such wonderful assistance. Thank you, Tere."
- Posted on Trustpilot.com by Pamela  
"Judith helped manage my case where fraudulent credit applications were made in my name. She did a wonderful job of connecting me with the companies that were involved. She guided me through the process and made terrific recommendations on how to reduce/eliminate the potential for future occurrences. She did a great job of addressing the situation and helping me resolve the concerns."
- Posted on Trustpilot.com by Rick Hegley