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See How This Isolated Tribe Members Reacted After Eating Pizza and Using a Smartphone for the First Time

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

Did you know there are still some parts of the world where having a cell phone or munching down a slice of pizza is a whole new experience?

The Maasai people are semi-nomadic cattle rearers and warriors who have not had the experience of eating a pizza or having a cell phone. They reside mainly around Southern Kenya and certain parts of Northern Tanzania.

Since they are largely threading in native ways of life and highly dependent on traditional culture, many foreigners are curious about how they live. Thankful, this tribe is a friendly bunch and would let outsiders experience their culture for a fee.

Well, you might as well guess civilization is still spreading worldwide. 

Below, you will get see the first-time reactions of few members of the Maasai tribe and what it feels for them to access common phenomenon like social media, technology, and foreign food. 

In a video they posted on their YouTube channel, this tribe has been showing the world how it feels for them just to get to use some things you think are ‘basic.’


On their different social media channels, they are known as the Maasai Boys, and they have more than 12,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 6,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

From their Instagram account, they claim their goal is to make "the world happier." In their bio, they also have a GoFundMe account where people can support them and their tribe. 

The funds they raise from creating content and showing reactions will be used to develop their communities. 

Veering back to our initial subject of curiosity, the Massai Boys released a video showing their reactions to tasting pizza and using a smartphone. 

The group has a main speaker Kanaya who knows how to speak English and always explains and translates what is happening. 

In this particular video, Kanaya showed how he and his community members reacted to eating pizza for the first time. 

So, there were about four people seated around a table in the video, and the pizza was served. They didn't know that you had to cut the pizza to make it easier to eat. 

Their first reaction was that pizza tasted like Ugali, their local food. With salami on top of the pizza, another suggested that the salami was a potato. 

It looked like they were not impressed with the salami, as they were quick to remove it from their pizza. 

They also asked funny questions about the pizza. Kanaya had asked, "how long will this pizza stay in the stomach?" 

They also made impressive comments about pizza, saying it tasted like cow blood. Obviously, the Maasai tribe are massive cow rearers and eat cow blood a lot. 

In the video, Kanaya kept saying ‘sorry for Italy’ because of how they ate the pizza. Traditionally, in Italy, eating pizza wasn't done in any manner, just like the Chinese eating noodles with chopsticks. 

In another video shown on their YouTube channel, they also showed their reactions as they were using Snapchat filters. It was also the first time they had tried using such a feature. 


On Reddit, Kanaya has been answering certain questions people have about the Maasai tribe. 

When asked if they have been affected or concerned about the dimension the modern world is taking, he said that it was cool. According to him, cell phones made it better for their communities to communicate better and social media platforms made it better to connect with the world. 

We think this was a wholesome reaction from the Maasai tribe; with such an enthusiastic approach to new things, we would definitely be impressed with their next reactions.