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See The Viral Video Of a Cute Little Bird Sliding Off An Airplane

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Bird sliding off an airplane

An interesting video seen in Instagram has shown the moment a pigeon slid off an airplane like a piece of paper. The airplane was taking off from the airport when the bird flew and perched on it, obviously, it wasn't prepared for the sheer speed of the aircraft. The video has since gone viral and attracted interesting reactions from Instagram users who find it very amusing.

The video of a bird sliding off an airplane like a piece of paper has held Instagram users spellbound. The video shows the pigeon sitting nonchalantly on the wing of an airplane. As the video goes on, the plane accelerates for take off while increasing its speed. The bird, unaware of the mechanics of the airplane, continues to sit on the wing and quietly slips away from sight. 

A passenger sitting inside the plane was amused by the pigeon resting on the airfoil and decided to capture the moment on camera. However little did they know that they would get to see a hilarious ending to the bird’s good time.

The way it went down has attracted the attention of netizens who are worried that it may have entered the airplane engine. It was however not known if it made it out alive or it got killed by the fall. At the moment, the clip has garnered more than 7.15 million views and tons of comments.

The video is simple and yet so funny as not only the pigeon but also the viewers did not expect what was coming. While some couldn’t stop laughing at the pigeon’s indifference, others were concerned if the bird got off safely.

The clip was shared on YouTube by ViralHog and It has over 204k views and tons of reactions. While some couldn’t stop laughing at the pigeon’s indifference, others wrote about how the bird may have felt during the flight.

Reactions from Instagram users


@ewan_32 💀💀i don't know why i found this funny af, there's an economy minus now?


This is how my weekend usually goes.. I’m also always surprised it’s gone.

@fama.martinez expressed concern: "These kind of birds and airports are a bad combination. To have these kind or birds or any around the runway or air space could be really dangerous, as these one could crash against the turbines stopping the engine, therefore an accident could happen. In fact there used to be falconers in the airports who launch falcons to keep away the rest of small kind of birds trying to avoid this happen." 


And that’s when he knew….. He f***ed up