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Separated at Birth: Twin Sisters Reunite on Tiktok

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Identical ginger twin girls pose for a photo
Featured | Lyubov Levitskaya/Shutterstock

The tale of two identical twin sisters who found themselves on TikTok after they were illegally sold to the adoption market is now a trending topic online.


The two young women named Ano and Amy were born in 2002 in Georgia, but one was illegally stolen and sold out for adoption after the nurses told the mother she had lost one of the girls at birth. 


According to The Blaze, Amy was the first to recognize her twin sister after seeing Ano on a “Georgia Got Talent” episode. They were merely twelve years old at that time. 


“Everyone was calling my mom to ask her why I was dancing under another name. But Mom simply replied to them, saying that everyone has someone who looks like them, but they're not related, " Amy recounted her experience.


Seven years later, Ano Sartiana’s curiosity heightened after a mutual friend sent a video of Amy dancing on TikTok. She was shocked to see that the two looked so much alike.


Eventually, the twins reunited on Facebook and decided to see each other.


Amy immediately knew she was the same young girl she had seen on Georgia Got Talent seven years ago.


When the twins finally met, Amy said it was like looking into a mirror. Ano, who seemed to be the quiet one, said, "I do not like hugs, but I hugged her".


They felt a strong connection with each other, so they decided to ask their families about it.

Amy and Ano discuss in the BBC interview
Amy and Ano | YT screengrab

After several investigations, it was later discovered that the twins were truly sisters separated at birth after parents had paid the doctor for unwanted babies, according to BBC News. 


The DNA test further confirmed the twins are truly related. An admirable trait about the twins is their mutual passion for singing, dancing and taste in music.


They coincidentally share the same hairstyle and, weirdly, a similar bone disease diagnosed as dysplasia.


Digging further, Amy's mother had no choice but to share her story.


Being unable to conceive, she was told by a friend that unwanted babies are available at a local hospital, but she would have been required to pay the doctors to take the baby home and raise the baby as hers.


Ano's mother shared the same story, but both parents refused to disclose the actual price the babies were sold to them.


The twins were upset that their whole life had been a lie, but they wanted conversations to be over as soon as possible so they could move on with their lives.

The Damage Of Child Trafficking 

The story of Amy and Ano has led to a sad and shocking revelation that several innocent babies had been sold for illegal adoptions during the black market adoption era that stretched across Georgia from the 1950s up till 2005.


According to statistics, over 100,000 babies were stolen. Later in 2006, anti-trafficking laws in Georgia were taken more seriously which reduced the activities of child trafficking, however, several babies are yet to be found to date.