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Shakira & Karol G Set To Release Iconic Song, Teases Fans With Video Snippets On Billboards

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Shakira and Karol G on stage

Shakira and Karol G officially announced their collaboration for a new album on Instagram. Karol G shared stunning pictures of them with a caption that read "Sabemos que lo estaban esperando y aquí estamos! @KarolG x @Shakira TQG 24 de Febrero Barranquilla Medallo.”

The caption, when translated, meant, “we know you’ve been waiting for it and here we are! @KarolG x @Shakira TQG February 24 Barranquilla Medal.”

Karol G told fans to anticipate the album as Shakira would be " letting a lot of anger go" in the song. Snippets from the album shared by a Twitter fan account revealed the release date, February 24th, and fans are eager to see 

what both artists did with the album.

"Te quedó Grande,” TQG

When asked about the meaning of the awaited song, both artists explained the meaning("Te quedó Grande”), " You were out of your depth!". Fans are already guessing it's a backlash at their exes, Shakira, especially because of its heated lyrics.

In the leaked snippets, Karol G sings, "At least with me I kept you looking nice."

Shakira's more intense with the lyrics, "you leaving to look for something to eat outdoors and me thinking it was the monotony.”

TQG is a part of Karol G's new album, "Mañana Será Bonito.” The Columbian singer expressed how excited she is to finally collaborate with music icon Shakira, who she's always been a fan of.  According to her, it's been her long-time dream, and she's happy nothing stops her now.

This new song promises a lot of drama, especially since the leaked lyrics indicate it's a jab at their exes. Shakira is well known for doing things like this in her songs. The " Hips don't lie" singer took a swipe at her ex in January when she released a song with Argentine DJ Bizarrap. The singer compares herself to her ex, Gerard Pique's new girlfriend.

Shot of Shakira and Karol G in the music video

The lyrics from the song read; "I’m worth two 22s… You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo,” Shakira sang, comparing herself to his new beau, Clara Chia.

Karol G told New York Times in an interview how Shakira had been so receptive to the song since she heard it for the first time. She thought the song was perfect and encapsulates how she felt. 

‘Oh my God, thank you. Those lyrics are perfectly the way I feel right now,' Shakira told Karol G.

Expect More Collaborations From Karol G

TQG isn't the only collaboration from Karol G. Fans should expect more from the " El Barco" singer as she will be featuring other artists like Carla Morrison, Justin Quiles, Sech, Quevedo, Sean Paul, Bad Gyal, and Angel Dior.

Her new record explores several genres, and fans look forward to everything the album promises.