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She Disguised as a Nurse and Murdered 7 Babies

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read
A teddy bear on a hospital bed
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The heart-wrenching horrific story of a British serial killer who disguised herself as a nurse in a hospital, thereby murdering several innocent babies in the infant unit of the hospital, has left everyone in shock at how heartless some persons can be.


The 33-year-old British nurse who works in the hospital of Countess Chester in northwest England known as Lucy Letby, has been found guilty of killing 7 babies and attempted murder of 6 other babies after much investigation.


Letby heartlessly carried out the murder of the babies by using tactics that were not easily suspected, such as administering air injections to the babies, forcefully feeding the babies with milk, or poisoning them with insulin. 


The murder was discovered by a doctor who noticed that the circumstances surrounding the death of each baby were almost the same, which made him begin an in-house investigation.


Many of the victim's babies who were killed were either born prematurely or already had inherited health issues before birth, which made the cause of their death unclear to their parents as it was always attached to their current health issues. 

Image of Lucy Letby at the hospital where she worked
Lucy Letby at the hospital she worked | X

The heartbreaking story of baby murder includes twin boys who were murdered in 2016 and extended to another triplet baby two of the triplet babies kicked the bucket on the 23rd and 24th of June 2016, leaving the parent to hold on to just one of them.


The judge described the nurse's action as a cruelly calculated and brutal campaign of child murder and gave a verdict of lifetime imprisonment without the possibility of parole.


Earlier in 2015 and 2016, the hospital management noticed a surprising rise in dying babies and babies suffering from sudden health issues for no tangible reason.


According to the news, nurses who worked alongside Letby during that period raised an alarm of concern about her, but the issue was dismissed by the managers, who were very concerned about protecting the societal reputation of the hospital.


Ms Letby was transferred from the infant unit to the clerical unit, but that did not stop her from carrying out her evil deeds.

Ms Letby's Disturbing Confession 

When the police carried out a home search at Ms Letby's house, they found handwritten notes by the nurse. She wrote in one of the several notes, "I don't deserve to be alive. I killed the children on purpose because. I'm not capable enough to care for them."

Another of the notes contains shivering phrases written in capital letters such as; "I am a wicked evil person," "I did this, I am horrible. 

The father of triplets, of whom Ms. Letby murdered two shared his agony in a prerecorded video, saying that after the death of his children, life has been difficult every day.


“Lucy Letby has engulfed our lives,” he said.


Ms. Letby refuses to show up at the court and a mother of two baby victims said that Ms. Letby’s absence from the court shows that she has no respect for the court and the families of the babies she killed.


She said, "You think you have the right to play God with the lives of our children and turn our lives upside down? We hope that you live a very long life but spend each of your days paying for all you've done for us."

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Some of the parents sent their statements through the lawyers while some came to the court to direct theirs, and it cannot be denied that these parents have been bereaved of their joy.