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Innovative Lady Makes New Hanger That Solves an Annoying Wardrobe Issue

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
A person holding a clothe on a foldable hanger
The Coat Hinger | Simone Giertz/Kickstarter

Simone Giertz, a YouTuber, spent three years creating an innovative stand for wardrobe hangers.


Why, you might ask? "Well, the frustration of not being able to fit a coat rack in my bedroom pushed me to create a unique solution," according to her.


Meanwhile, she also announced the launch of her Kickstarter campaign for this innovative coat hanger stand.

A New Approach to Wall-Mounted Clothes Hanging


This YouTuber said, "One of my primary objectives was to find a way to hang clothes on the wall without protruding too far from it."


Thus, she envisioned a coat hanger that could be folded, allowing for a more space-efficient solution.


With this idea in mind, she developed a prototype incorporating a foldable mechanism and a small magnet for securing the hanger, which is quite impressive.


Although the concept seemed straightforward—to create a folding coat hanger—developing the designs proved to be deceptively intricate.


Moreover, after three years of relentless work, the result is the "Coat Hinger."


This revolutionary hanger introduces an entirely new approach to storing clothes, particularly for those facing space constraints in shallow closets or other areas where traditional hangers won't fit.


However, to use it, simply hang the clothing item and fold the hanger—it's as simple as that.


The Coat Hinger


It's surprising that no one had previously thought of creating a foldable coat hanger for travel that can be hung with clothes on it and save space.


Currently, she's showcasing Version 4 of the Coat Hanger, demonstrating significant progress made throughout the development process. Earlier iterations included magnets, snap bracelets, and wooden prototypes.


Simone Giertz
Simone Giertz holding up her a wooden prototype of her invention | YouTube


While wood initially seemed like a material for the Coat Hinger, it posed manufacturing challenges due to the precise tolerances necessary for friction.


Moreover, wooden hangers risk breakage if accidentally dropped. "Consequently, we transitioned to wire," she said.

The Final Design


After multiple iterations, she settled on a design comprising three injection-molded parts. These parts are over-moulded onto the wire, with a plastic clip providing the necessary friction and stability for securely holding clothes.


Achieving this design required meticulous control over friction and careful testing. The result is a visually pleasing and highly functional product that optimizes space usage within any wardrobe.


"Designing a coat hanger may not be everyone's idea of fun, but for me, it encompasses my absolute dream life," she said.


She added, "Running a product business is undoubtedly challenging, and I rely on your unwavering support. While I presently operate at a monthly loss with the Yet Store, I firmly believe in our products and take immense pride in our dedicated team. The Coat Hinger truly represents a unique solution to an everyday problem, aligning perfectly with my vision".


Simone Giertz's coat hanger story has been remarkable. Her invention has drawn admiration worldwide, with fans backing her Kickstarter fundraising campaign.


Giertz had a fundraising goal of $50,000 for 30 days. She exceeded her target with about $115,000 raised and still has 25 days remaining!

Watch the Coat Hinger story