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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's expected engagement won't be rushed

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Travis Kelce and Taylor swift photo blend
Travis Kelce and Taylor swift | Adope/VotMedia

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been in a noticeable relationship for some time now. However, rumors that they might be getting married soon are just that - rumors.


Despite being famous in their respective fields, they seem to be taking things slow and just enjoying each other's company.


According to a secret friend, they're just having fun and getting to know each other better. Another friend clarified that the idea of Taylor living in Patrick's big house in Kansas City is false, and they won't be roommates soon. Maybe they're just happy keeping each other company.


In September, Taylor Swift was elated at the sight of Kelce at Arrowhead Stadium while he played for the Kansas City Chiefs. It was like a VIP party.


They were having so much fun together, making people curious about their friendship again. Later in November, another friend announced that things had gotten serious between Taylor and Kelce. They're not just friends; they're dating and in a romantic relationship.


Taylor Swift kissing Travis Kelce after a Kansas game
Taylor Swift spotted kissing Travis Kelce after a Kansas game | YT


Even though they didn't plan on quickly moving things to the next level, they've spent lots of time together. This spy friend said neither of them expected them to move soon, but they had been inseparable since they first connected.


This implies that each of them has his or her own space. There's no thought of getting married or living together. There's no rush to put a ring on the friendship or have an engagement.


There's more to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's story. Kelce recently talked about Taylor dating another football player and how it's not a big deal for their team, the Kansas City Chiefs.


In an interview with ESPN, He explained that people make a big deal about Taylor and Patrick, especially fans, but it's not a big deal for players like him.


He explained that knowing Taylor was amazing and how great she was. He told ESPN that he thinks it's not distracting for the team because everyone is focused on being their best every day.