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The Chris Brown and Usher Beef Ain't Ending Yet

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Chris Brown and Usher photo mix
Chris Brown and Usher photo mix


Just a day after his dust-up with Usher, part of which was also captured on video. Chris Brown was caught on camera in yet another confrontation.


Last Friday, during Chris Brown's birthday in Las Vegas, Usher, and Chris Brown were seen fighting at the party hosted by Usher himself at Skate Rock City to celebrate his colleague and friend turning 34. However, the party ended sourly as Chris Brown and his crew reportedly assaulted Usher outside Skate Rock City in Las Vegas that Friday night. The R&B rapper was even singing 'Happy Birthday To You.'Just before the fight started.


The fight started because Chris was upset that Teyana Taylor attended his birthday; Their discord reportedly stemmed when Taylor backed out of his scrapped AMA Michael Jackson performance at the 2022 American Music Award in November. They haven't been on good terms since then.


That was when Usher stepped in, which led to the argument between him and Brown. They disagreed outside the party venue where Brown and his crew allegedly jumped Usher.


The new video footage circulating online revealed how Chris was aggressively trying to reach a person across from him in a place that looked like the backstage area of a venue. According to several blog news, this was purportedly taken during Missy Elliott's set on Saturday night in Vegas.


According to TMZ, Details on the video about what led up to the chaos or who Chris might have been beefing with are yet to be out. However, on the outside, it doesn't look good for Chris Brown, who was just in this type of mood 24 hours earlier.

The Nothing To See Act 


Based on the look of things seen in the video, it seems like the cooler heads survived here, and nothing violent went down. It's still unclear if this had to do with Usher as he was trying to buzz different information from what we'd been told about the birthday bash he had thrown for Chris the night before.


The moment Chris Brown engaged Usher in a scuffle
Chris Brown in a fight with Usher (video footage screengrab)


Usher looked fine on stage and tried to show off his face and the fact he was healthy and uninjured. Chris was also present and did his set without any sign of trouble on stage or any mention of the alleged brawl that was said to have transpired.


None of the two parties have spoken about the incident yet. They both engaged in a nothing-to-see-here act. However, at some point, any observant person will figure things are not alright between them. However, they might have to address the issue because of the rumors flying around, and there's indisputable video evidence of Chris acting up and coming across as aggressive.


A comment on Twitter said: "Chris Brown will never change because he'll never be forced into any genuine remorse. His celeb friends and fans will always find an excuse and plead for grace,