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The Odd Reason Why One in Eight Men Take Condoms to Funerals

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
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Humans are weird, but when men are in the mood, they get even weirder. According to a recent Trojan survey, it's been revealed that 12% of young men have an unusual habit of carrying condoms to funerals, and 25% find them necessary even at high school reunions. These unexpected scenarios highlight the comical and unconventional places where protection is deemed essential.


Trojan's State of Sex Survey offers valuable insights into responsible condom use and the attitudes surrounding protection. It underscores the significance of shared responsibility, as 77% of adults aged 18-35 believe that both men and women should actively participate in providing protection. Interestingly, a whopping 78% of men prefer wearing condoms themselves rather than solely relying on their partners to use birth control methods. Likewise, 52% of women express a strong preference for their men to use condoms, valuing them over contraceptive pills alone.


While the Trojan survey primarily focused on responsible condom use and attitudes towards protection, it did not delve into funny or unconventional uses for condoms. However, it did highlight proactive behaviors, such as 65% of respondents carrying condoms on first dates and 63% discussing protection with partners once in bed. The survey emphasized the importance of condom use for preventing pregnancy and STI transmission.


Regarding storage habits, 52% of survey participants kept unexpired condoms on their bedside tables, emphasizing the importance of being prepared. Men tended to store condoms in their wallets (52%), with 64% of men under 35 consistently carrying condoms compared to 49% of women in the same age group.


The survey also uncovered that one in eight men under 35 have taken a condom to a funeral "just in case." While this might seem amusing, sexologist Patti Britton explains that it stems from a straightforward rationale. Coping with loss and grief can lead some individuals to seek solace and fill the emotional void through sexual activity. However, Britton cautions against using sex as a substitute for genuine connection and healing.


He told Mel Magazine: 'It's really about filling the void - literally and figuratively. 'The grief trajectory is about a loss of closeness - a loss of intimacy. That's why our libido kicks in: To fill that void.'

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Furthermore, the survey revealed that 77% of participants believe in equal responsibility between men and women in terms of protection, while 78% of men preferred wearing condoms over relying solely on their partners to use contraceptive pills. On the other hand, slightly over half of the women surveyed expressed a preference for condoms over the pill. Currently, the options for male contraception are limited to condoms or vasectomy. However, an upcoming male contraceptive pill, currently undergoing trials, has shown promising results in preventing pregnancies. Taken 30 minutes before intercourse, it appears to be 100% effective for at least two hours by inhibiting sperm movement and maturation.


Although the survey explored various aspects of condom use and contraception, it did not delve into humorous or unconventional uses for condoms. Its primary focus was on responsible usage for preventing unwanted outcomes and maintaining sexual health.