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These Hilarious Photoshopped Images Will Make You Think Twice Before Asking For A Photo Edit

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

James Fridman, the master of Photoshop, requires little introduction if you enjoy editing photos. The British graphic designer repeatedly takes the internet by storm, editing photos on demand and never declining an opportunity to troll people. His clever antics have already been covered by our photography-loving team at Bored Panda here, here, and here. But since we're such big fans, we simply had to publish a sequel!

People continue to disregard the lesson his edits attempt to teach: be careful what you wish for, even as the seasons change and time passes. James created trolling on his own and elevated it to an art form requiring only exceptional editing abilities and a sense of humor. He accepts requests to change an image and amuses us by returning comically unexpected results.

Enjoy a bit of James' randomness

Want to appear in a photo wearing a mask? Check. Do you need to delete the photo of your ex-boyfriend? Absolutely! Below, we condensed a fresh round of posts with James's literal and funniest interpretations of the instructions. So keep scrolling, vote for your favorites, and remember to tell us what you think in the comments.

1# Wanna BullFight?

James is just trying to be realistic. What could be more interesting than a fine day out in a natural space? Oh yes! A bullfight!

With such dressing to kill. Katie could pass as a matador with a muleta. She even looks ready to sway.

Well, thankfully, this angry-looking bull would not harm dear Katie. Only that naughty James thought this scenario would be more interesting.

2# A Period to Remember, Masks No One Can Ever Forget

Why does one have to remember anything else on their special day? It’s your wedding and that should be everything memorable.

But kudos to James; no one can unsee these masks, my ‘The Mask.’ If you recall this movie, you'd understand the need not to hide behind a persona that usually isn't the right reflection of who you are.

Apparently, Covid isn't really what defines this beautiful couple. However, if they want something to remember their special day by, these masks do the job.

3# I Don’t Want Fiber on the Menu

James could be a great photoshop expert, but he could also make a good doctor (or dietitian).  Apparently, our friend here is overlooking the nutritional importance of nuts.

Nuts contain good levels of protein, fiber, and several vitamins and minerals that are good for the heart and body. Take that off your diet, and you will be a cheerful companion for the nurses.

This might look like a troll, but I will consider it a healthy lesson. Get it? ‘Health lesson’... Or never mind.

4# Hello Sculptor

At first glance, it appears James wasn't in any mood for mischief. But nope, he never enjoys not being mischievous.

Since nothing should be put to waste, James found a great way to make our extra guy a great part of the picture.

Did you see that? Well, if you did, you can’t unsee it.

5# Looks just about right

Let’s turn fear into precision and expertise. Everyone in the picture has a natural body part, but since more is required — a nice pool game in the garden would do the trick.

Eyes locked in on the target, the goal open, that would be some shot! Plus, the gentle breeze in the garden caresses hair and inspires trick shots. How fun!

Oh yeah! Let’s not forget the glaring eyes of the other players. You can tell they are really in on this.

#6 Remote and Happy

Our friend here apparently got what she asked for. We spectators don’t think our fine young man in a suit looks unhappy.

But that’s not for anyone to decide. If Mr suit ain’t happy being so close, he probably would when he’s remote.

I mean, look at that remote smile from the remote staff…oops, remote boyfriend.

7# Now You Can’t Separate Us, Literally

If he wears it so much, it’s probably because he loves it so much. The bottom line is that you take him away from what he loves.

Another fine example of “I’d always love you, no matter what.” James just found the perfect way to engrave his special love for this brand where it belongs — his heart.

As James cleverly put it, ‘His love will never deklein’. Anyone may get rid of his shirts, but certainly not his fondness — it's permanent now.

8# What’s A Pretty Lady Like You Doing Alone?

Pictures are meant to help us look back into our pasts. But apparently, Vivien wants to alter the past.

All James has to do is oblige, take out the man and give her the ‘plant man.’ Is James trying to pass a subtle message? Maybe yes, maybe no.

But the important thing is that she never gets to be alone. I mean, what a man can do, shouldn't plants do better?

9# Why Fake What Can Be Real?

Not judging by the looks, but we do see tons of Instagram models who pose in scenarios to make it look like they know about it.

Well, reality would always differ from social media assumptions, and that’s the lesson we think James is trying to put across.

Hey everyone, we think she can fish pretty well. Tell her that in the comments, please.

10# I Am Just Doing My Job Ma’am

Sometimes it’s best to leave certain situations to the experts. In this case, only a plumber is licensed to take out the pipes.

Well, Mr good ol’ plumber is here to do that with his work clothes and all. I guess he knows best what the pipes are for and the best place to move them.

‘Just a little patience, ma’am; after this shot, the pipes would be out in no time.’

11# Is that a Louis Vuitton original?‌

‌James is adept at taking your words and turning them into his version of an AI-generated Lord of the Rings script. The bottom line is you should either be specific or risk being turned into a garbage collector!

As this lady found out, her vacation got a whole lot stinkier!‌ We can't say Jamie didn't do what was asked of him - he executed her order perfectly.

Working with a Photoshop artist, one should always remember to be very careful with the task. Describe everything in detail. Otherwise, you risk getting an edit like this.

12# Storm of the Century

Weather can be tricky, right? Usually, people want to take photos when the sun is up, but these two seem to think differently.

They wanted James Fridman to add some drama to their photo by putting a real thunderstorm. Well, they got what they ordered!

A strong storm can be dangerous, so be careful what you wish for.‌ Having lightning nearby is never a good thing!

13# No One Saw It Coming

You can trick the viewers by using Photoshop, but you can't trick gravity! It's the same for everyone, even if it's just a photo.

This lady was worried that a nasty pole ruined her wedding picture, so she asked to remove it for good. Of course, James had to oblige and did exactly what she asked for.

James Fridman's humor is very uncanny! We did not see it coming, and probably neither did this couple in the photo. Without the pole, the tent crashed, hiding the couple underneath it.‌

14# Hey, There! You Look Grate

We can all agree that spelling is important. One minor mistake can change the meaning of the whole sentence!

Of course, James is very careful when it comes to fulfilling other people's wishes. He gives them exactly what they ask for. So, if a girl wants to look like a grate, who is he to deny her that wish?

The end result looks uncanny. We bet the girl who asked for Photoshop magic was surprised by the outcome!

14# The Evil Genius‌

Looking at what James Fridman does with people's requests, we have to wonder whether he will run out of Photoshop jokes at some point. Do you think it's possible?

Well, judging by this highly unlikely photo! We couldn't have come up with a more cringe-worthy and hilarious way to play with this woman's request. He's a real pro when it comes to editing pranks!

His imagination keeps on creating brilliant ideas that we all can enjoy. But we bet this young woman would stick to the original photo, not the Photoshopped version.

15# Something Went Terribly Wrong

It seems that James gets the most kicked out of writing mistakes. Seriously, though, he did exactly what the lady asked for!

She complained about a boy weirdly sticking out of her head, and then instead of asking to somehow fix that, she asked to remove her head. Of course, James couldn't miss this opportunity to play with the words a bit.

Now she probably doesn't mind the man sticking out of her head at all. It's definitely better than not having a head!‌

16# Might Come in Handy

Let’s call this picture “weird request number 350”. The young lady found her hands to be slightly off in the picture and wanted James to get rid of them.‌

‌James was quick to remind her that she may, in fact, require their assistance someday, and it’s better to leave them on.

We get it; removing people's limbs isn't the most decent thing to do. And James is right to ignore her request! Well, we don't see how removing her hand would make the picture better, as this would have messed up half of her face.

17# The Darth Vader Girlfriend

We believe that having a photo with Darth Vader is one of the coolest things in the world. Why would anyone want to fix that? Well, one couple wanted Darth Vader out of the way, but James decided otherwise.

The guy in the photo wanted to be alone with his girlfriend in a romantic setting, so he asked James to "fix it." You have to be more precise than that!‌

Of course, James fixed it how he wanted it, so now the guy in the photo is having a romantic moment with his Darth Vader girlfriend. She looks quite stunning!‌

18# That's as Close as You Can Get

This sweet girl clearly likes cows and wants to get closer to them, but for some reason, she didn't do it for the photo. That's why she asked James for help!

Naturally, the artist couldn't simply add more cows to the photo - he decided to be more creative than that.

That's probably not exactly what the girl wished for, but close enough! Maybe next time she'll take the photo she wants without having to use Photoshop later.‌

19# The Embarrassing Statue

Have you ever taken a perfect photo and later realized you couldn't show it to anyone due to some embarrassing detail? Well, this is exactly what happened to this guy.

He took this cool photo on a trip and later realized he couldn't show it to his Mom. We don't think he could embarrass his Mom by showing her a statue. After all, she's a woman as well. Still, he asked James to fix everything.

Naturally, James did what he could best- interpreting everything in his unique way. Well, the statue is fully covered now, so that's no problem.

20# Yup, Properly Concealed

Fans reach out to James for help with many urgent issues. This woman wanted her (very) revealing top to look not so revealing.‌

‌James could pull off this difficult task with ingenious photoshop mastery like a truly skilled artist.‌

Well, if you want a revealing top to be in the photo - you simply shouldn't be wearing one! It's as easy as that. Jamie probably thought the same when he came up with this brilliant Photoshop edit.

21# How Romantic!

A romantic day out on the beach can do wonders for a relationship. The sun, sand, and water make an exciting combination that can bring out our loving sides.‌

‌This couple wanted to add a bit more romance and love to their photo. The result is truly amazing — a picture to treasure for a lifetime.

Is there something more romantic than a bouquet of flowers? Yep, that's two bouquets of flowers, so we kind of get what Jamie was going for. Still, it's super hilarious!

22# Why Were They Open?

I mean, what was she looking at exactly? Did she notice a big zit on your forehead? In any case, James fixed the problem. You’re welcome.‌

And we can't say that we hate the end result, but that's probably not what the boyfriend was going for when he asked to edit his photo.

If the guy wanted his girlfriend to look less creepy - then it's a fail. Having someone else's arm in the photo during a kiss is the strangest thing in the world.

23# But… WHY?

Going to the beach with your friends is a great way to relax and chill. But leaving them behind to sulk in the background isn’t a very nice thing to do.‌

‌Luckily, James was able to help this young woman bring her friend to the limelight. The thing is, it wasn’t exactly what she expected.

We can't stress it enough - always, and we mean ALWAYS, be specific with your Photoshop requests. If you want to change the background, add some details about the foreground (i.e. that your face should remain visible in the photo).

24# One with Nature

I find it heartwarming to see people's love for nature. People are so in tune with the natural world that they sometimes choose to become one with it.‌

‌This woman wanted just that. With some photoshop magic, James was able to bring her even closer to nature. See the results for yourself.

Can you get closer to nature than that? We don't think it's possible, so kudos to Jamie for this brilliant execution.

25# The Perfect Nails

Of course, the first thing we look at in a picture is your manicured toenails, right? I mean, who could be so bold as to take a picture without having perfectly manicured nails?‌

‌No need to worry, though, because James is on the rescue. Just look at how he helped this distressed young woman with perfect nail polish and a manicure.

We don't know why she was so bothered with her toenails looking good, but now Jamie gave her exactly what she was asking for (well, kind of).

26# A Fine Breed

Photoshop can sometimes transform a dull photo into a stunning work of art. As we all know, appearances do matter, don't they?‌

‌James was quick to add some highlights and creative strokes to this picture, and the happy couple, undoubtedly, loved the metamorphosis. Oh, sorry! Did she want a different breed?

This is one of the hilarious edits we've seen from Jamie. It's just so smart!

27# Awkward!

As we saw before, signs are there for a reason.‌‌ Leaving out necessary information can result in, well, some awkward moments.

This girl wanted James to make the picture less awkward though. I think James did a great job!

This ladies and gentlemen are what happens when you mess with the signs! Just never ever ignore them, either on the road or inside a building, otherwise, you'll end up embarrassing yourself like these two ladies in the second photo.