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You Should Never Say These 6 Things to Your Virgo Girlfriend

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
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Virgos are known for their meticulous thinking and desire for order and perfection. They show great interest in organization and pay close attention to details in both their personal and professional lives.


People born under the Virgo zodiac sign are known for being devoted partners in relationships. They tend to be very affectionate and expressive, often demonstrating their love through acts of kindness and assistance. However, their perfectionist tendencies and overly high standards can pose difficulties in romantic relationships, as these expectations can be unrealistic and hard to meet. Despite this, Virgos remains one of the most loving zodiac signs around.


If you are dating a Virgo woman, it is essential to understand her zodiac sign and know words that can quickly put her off if you don't want to lose her. Here is a list of words a Virgo woman does not want to hear from her man.


1. Don't Say She's Wrong 

Being a perfectionist, telling Virgo they're wrong kind of feels like putting their self-esteem in the mud. Virgos are not so sure when it comes to self-esteem. A Virgo woman will not appreciate her man telling her she is wrong after all the effort she has invested. She might end up picking a fight against you not because she doesn't want to be corrected but because she is struggling within herself. Skillfully appraise her and tell her she is wrong in the most loving way you can instead.


2. Never Tell Her To Settle For Less Or Get A Photocopy 

People born under the Virgo zodiac sign have a unique and intriguing personality. They have a keen eye for details and prefer to stick with what is considered standard. Suggesting something outside the norm may upset them, especially if it comes from their significant other. They may perceive it as a lack of seriousness about life. To avoid this, it's best to provide them with original copies and encourage them to aim higher.


3. Don't Say Her Plan Is A Mess 

Virgos are very meticulous and plan freaks. They love making perfect plans and working hard to achieve them, investing their brains, time, and energy to make their dreams a reality. You should never tell her that her plans are a chunk of mess. She would throw you out of her world and lock the door. Instead, lovingly tell her why the plans might not work out and let her see the need to re-strategize.


4. Don't Say I Will Do That For You 

The Virgo zodiac sign likes to take charge of their life without anyone dictating them. They believe they don't need anyone's help, and their work must be perfect. Trying to do things for her might make her feel that you think she is less capable, which might change her perspective of you and cheer her on. 


5. Never Say You Don't Look Good 

Telling your Virgo girlfriend that she looks terrible is like applying for a breakup. She invested so much effort to look good for you, coupled with the fact that she is a perfectionist. Words like this would make her never want to see you again.

6. Never Say Mockery Words 

Mockery words are a no-go area if you genuinely love your Virgo girlfriend. Never use mockery words either intentionally or passively. Virgos take words to heart; their meticulous mind analyzes words, and you will end up blaming yourself for your words.