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This New Filter on Tiktok is so Real Users Think it's Unhealthy

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Tiktok users dispaying the effects of the bod glamor filter
Source: HITC

TikTok recently released a new filter known as Bold Glamour which has taken the internet by storm. According to many, it is something that the social media platform shouldn't have released.

Some say it is a filter made to make teenagers lose confidence in their original look. 

According to @memotv on Twitter, they said, "I don't wanna be known as the TikTok filter guy, but ICYMI, after attacking the GenX w teenage filter, TikTok just dropped a new filter to take out Millennials & GenZ. "Beauty filters" are not new, but the precision of this is beyond uncanny. This is psychological warfare & pure evil."


This Twitter user went further to post videos of some of the filters, and the results were shocking. It can change the look of someone to a model standard. While many think it is no big deal, others think it is evil because of how it is used. 

How To Get the New Tiktok Filter 

Since the inception of Tiktok, many filters have gone viral over the years ranging from the green screen filter to the bald filter and many others. But the bold glamor filter is getting so much traction that it raises many concerns. While some may not like it, others want to see how it works. 

The work of the bold glamor filter is that it gives the user a near-perfect makeup look. This means that even if your face isn't looking good, the Tiktok filter can transform your face into a model-like face. Many females have been using the filter since it went viral. With people trying the filter, some have shared their results where they got a totally different look. Some said that the filter didn't work for them. 

No matter the results people get from the filter, most of those trying it out are just there to follow the trend and have fun. Despite the increasing concerns that it is unhealthy for psychological well-being, many think it is something made for fun. 

TikTokers love the Bold Glamour filter, which gives you a flawless makeup look, but only a few people know how to use the new filter trend. With a few clicks, you can also learn how the filter works. TikTok has made it known that it has yet to be available for every location worldwide. So if it still needs to be in your country, you must wait for the new update. 

This is how to activate and use it for those who already have it in their country. Open your Tiktok app and click the plus button to create new content. At the bottom left of the screen, when the camera opens, click on effects. When the effects have been made available, the next thing is to click on the search button and type in "Bold Glamour." It will show you the filter with the same name, and then you can click on it to activate it. 

If this filter does not appear after searching many times, then know that it might not be available for your country at the moment.