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Tiktoker Who Did Face Feminization Surgery Gives Update About Progress to Fans

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

Dylan Mulvaney is a transgender TikTok influencer who has chronicled her continued transition and self-growth through her platform.

She achieved a wide array of success at only 25 years old, becoming a singer, actor, dancer, comedian, vinyasa-certified yoga instructor, and wildlife rehabilitator. She has also toured in the Broadway musical The Book of Mormon.

Dylan Mulvaney shares an update about her facial feminization surgery with her followers

Dylan Mulvaney is keeping fans updated on her recovery from surgery. The TikTok singer and trans campaigner shared an update on her recovery from facial feminization surgery.

"I'm really, I'm doing well," Dylan said in a TikTok shared to her profile on Dec. 22. "Thank you for supporting me and I love you so much. Thank you."

Dylan was wearing a medical gown with bandages on her head and chin, as shown in the video. "Trigger warning: a bloody hot mess!" she captioned the post.

On the same day, the 25-year-old also posted on Instagram to share her progress. At the time, Dylan shared selfies of herself lying in a hospital bed before and after passing out. She included a letter for each selfie with these specific photographs.


"Dear sweet face, You did me good," Dylan wrote about the moment just before her surgery.

"If we had stuck it out together forever we would've made it work," she continued. "But you sparked a sadness much too often, that most will never relate to."

Dylan continued by saying she wonders how she will feel about the picture in a few weeks. But for the time being, she considers herself to be still a friend despite her previous outward demeanor.

"Please don't feel like you failed," she added. "I can assure it's me it's not you."

Dylan welcomed her face to heal at its rate in the note she wrote just for the selfie she took after surgery, looking ahead.

"Hello lover!" Dylan began, "I can't wait to meet you. Take all the time you need. To start seeing the outside match the inside… well that's magic, isn't it?"

Reflecting on the critics, Dylan declared pride in herself and this step forward. "Some might not understand and that's ok," she wrote. "Stop listening to the haters. This one is for you!"

She has documented almost every stage of her quest to have facial feminization surgery over 10 million TikTok followers, who have also been kept up to date. These have included visiting a doctor before the procedure, being dropped off for her surgery, and listening to a motivational TikTok video from her buddy and fellow user, Mercury Stardust.

Dylan recorded a "Duet" TikTok before the surgery in which she can be seen listening to Mercury's motivational speech.

Mercury said in the clip that she was proud of Dylan taking matters into her own hands regarding her gender affirmation. She also said that Dylan showcased the trans community in its most authentic form, which meant much to her and others.