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Tom Holland Had to Play the 'Long Game' to Win Zendaya Because He Has Low Rizz

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Tom Holland gazes lovingly at Zendaya as they pose for a photo
Tom Holland and Zendaya (Shutterstock) |

We can’t deny the chemistry between Tom Holland and Zendaya, both cast in the Spider-man movie.

The love birds sparked dating rumors with Tom’s birthday shoutout to Zendaya, calling her his “MJ.” They were also seen hanging out at different locations, further fueling the dating rumors.


Tom Reveals Zendaya Was His Childhood Celebrity Crush, and They’re In Love.

We adore, love, and admire Tom and Zendaya’s relationship. In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, the Spider-Man actor provided a little insight into the couple’s lives together, even though they often keep their relationship’s specifics private.

The actor revealed that Zendaya, who starred in Disney teen movies, was his celebrity childhood crush while growing up.

When asked if he has a game, he jokingly replied, “I have no rizz whatsoever. I have limited rizz.” 

“For it to succeed, I truly need you to fall in love with me.”


Tom Holland and Zendaya


Zendaya and Tom Holland are Still Waxing strong!

Tom never misses the chance to gush about his girlfriend and gives an insight into their relationship and friendship.

“She was incredibly helpful in changing my life because, in addition to producing major movies and traveling the world, you also started to become well-known,” Holland told Backstage in February 2021 that you need to act differently.

“You just kind of sustain the notion of serving as a role model for young children. And she excels in that area, arguably."

“You really can’t find anything against Zendaya; she’s almost the ideal person,” he concluded. 

“It was quite helpful to have someone like her by my side as I went through that process to help me improve. My professional and personal satisfaction has benefited greatly from having her as a friend.”

Will The Two Love Birds Get A Chance At “I Do”?

The co-stars don’t seem ready to get married yet, but over the past year and a half, they have developed a tight and loving connection that makes getting married soon seem likely, should they choose to. 

However, Zendaya did flaunt a gold signet ring with the initials “TH” etched on it after getting her nails done in March 2023.


While the ring does not indicate an engagement, it is another beautiful illustration of the couple’s deep love. Sharp-eyed fans of Zendaya and Tom recognized that these were those of her boyfriend name; Tom Holland.


Zendaya also shared a lovely insight into the couple’s newfound confidence in discussing their relationship in public when she won an Emmy for Euphoria in 2022.

“I didn’t have to text my mom since she was already there,” Zendaya gushed when questioned by E! Online about who she immediately contacted to celebrate her victory, “I texted my boyfriend.”